Farewell of Batch of 2014


It was that time of the year again, The time of goodbyes and farewells, Every journey comes to an end, and so did this, A journey spanning 4 years on the calendar, and a lifetime in the minds.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department of ISM Dhanbad celebrated its Annual Farewell Programme for the 2K14 batch on the 4th of May,2014 at Penman Auditorium. Like always, it started off on a happy and chirpy mood and gradually descended to a sea of nostalgia and emotions. The invitations had been sent out a day in advance and the final years were ready - dressed up in formals - for though they call it farewell, its actually a night to get together and at this time of the year, nothing excites them more than a get together.

The 3rd years decided to make this a grand event from the very beginning and reached Sapphire with a dhol and the entire hostel was echoing with the sound of the beat. Final years were gathering around and everyone started dancing. It was a sight to behold and cherish. Very soon everyone had gathered and it looked nothing short of a procession - a grand one at that. 100s of students dancing as they moved from Sapphire to Penman. Passers by stopped to look at the merriment for in that moment, everyone was dancing with not a single care in the world. Placements, internship, companies.. everything took a backseat and they just let themselves loose.

Penman was all lighted up for the occasion. Shubham Chauhan of B.Tech 2nd Year and ... of M.Tech 1st Year took responsibility of hosting the event. The evening started off with a song for the almighty which was beautifully sung by the girls of 3rd Year. Then .. performed a breathtaking solo dance. The final years were being called between performances to collect their mementos and answer the prank questions that had been exclusively made for them. The questions put some of them in really awkward positions and the scene that followed used to be hilarious. The saga of performances continued with Utsav Kumar's solo song and a dance by the M.Tech students. Satya Yadav with Saurav Kothari on the guitar gave a performance that set the mood of nostalgia to its zenith.

As the programme came to an end, we had our Professors come up and speak about their experiences with the 2K14 batch and also share some words of wisdom for them as they were about to step out into a different world. The vote of thanks marked the end of the evening and everyone proceeded to dinner in the GJLT Dome. People mingled, clicked pictures and no one wanted to leave as something of this sort was never going to happen again.

It was night that everyone was looking forward to and dreading simultaneously. For everyone knows that parting ways is unavoidable, but we prefer to live in our state of delusion and not accept reality until its real enough to not be ignored and that night gave form to this thought. It reminded them that the time was near and the faces they have become so accustomed to seeing, will very soon be the faces they will long to get a glimpse of.

This overwhelming emotional tsunami was not restricted to the final years alone, for they were parting ways not just with each other, but also with the department that shaped them, the faculty that taught them and the juniors that they never ceased to love, guide and befriend. Everyone was going to miss everyone else. But it had to happen and with this understanding, and with hope for the future, everyone receded back to their hostels to mark an end to another generation for the CSE Department.

Our beloved seniors, "Fare thee well in thy travels, and may by fate we meet again."