In Conversation with Anurag Anand

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Hollow are the words, which do not speak in the aftermath of experience. BufferedReader aims at providing the students of CSE an audience with their alumni. In the quest, we sought Mr. Anurag Anand, Batch of 2007. Anurag Sir was most happy to answer us some questions compiled and conjured to bring out some memories and his priceless experience. Savour the reminiscing and educating conversation after the jump.

Q. Over the years, how much has the opinion of people changed about ISM (especially Computer Science Engineers of ISM)? What can we do to make this change more swift and favourable?

At the time we graduated, industry had still not heard of ISM CSE. Trying to explain them of ISM, Dhanbad and CSE as connector points were plain difficult. One thing that they understood for sure was IIT JEE, and we made it a point to bring this up somewhere or the other.

I still remember one anecdote - someone asking a CSE graduate whether they make softwares for mining & associated companies only.

A lot has changed since then. 7 years put off college, I am heartened to see that our alumni are at all reputed designations. Microsoft which itself was a rarity those days is a commonality now. Its the hard work of our alumnus that has got us here.

We need to keep up the good work, get students in not just the commonalities but variety of companies in the near future. That can give us a much wider horizon to work with. Other than that, keep participating in the various contests planned around by corporates. A win, a reference gives us great leverage on a longer run time and again.

Q. It has been quite a while since you graduated. Having been so long in the industry, does it still matter that you are not an IlTian?

Personally speaking, it did not matter even at that point of time. And after graduation, it mattered even less. Prob-ably, the only thing that mattered was that if this conver-sion happens, the current lot of students will fare a little better in terms of recognition.

I would suggest keeping this conversion movement lit up but keep striving on other fronts to brand ourselves with-out the tag as well.

And yes, it does not matter. Students from ISM are treat-ed different in the industry, especially companies where they sought bigger, better employees.

Q. What are some things that you see fresh hires do (or not do) that you wish they had learnt about in college?

Extreme confidence on the knowledge of a Language rather than Programming Concepts! Algorithms. Just a few days back, I met a 2k15 cse engineer who said he knows only php.

Java is a strict no-no according to him to begin with.

Even industry does not get into the details of language constructs. Rather it keeps all this simple by sticking to logic.

In short, understand the difference between logic and ways of 'describing the logic.'

Q. Does joining the industry end the prospects of further education?

None at all. In fact, many people around the country now opt for a 2-3 years of work experience followed with a higher education degree. It’s quite practical and eases your parents off the burdens of this further education.

Q. Does it ever get boring to be a Computer Science Engineer?

Not faced it yet so far but then it's been only 7 years in practice!

Q. What is the one thing that you wish you had done in college but did not?

I wish I was able to explore more on the music side; the knowledge of a musical instrument would have definitely done some good.

Q. List 3 things about ISM that you miss the most?

1. RD ki Kachori Sabzi. It tasted great after night outs. 2. Never ending late night discussions. Regularly led to RD ki kachori sabzi. 3.Mind blowing confluence of music and movies. Usually led to the late night discussions.

Q. Finally, as a matter of advice to the students, What are some future prospects for a CSE graduate that they are not aware of while in college?

For a CSE graduate, sky's the limit. All the companies in the verticals like • FMCG, Oil & Gas, Retails, BFSI etc. have a dedicated IT practice which looks at the IT. So, it is turning out to be an industry agnostic branch of work. You know the basics and if you build upon that domain knowl-edge of the industry, would be a killer combination for you to land up on a job in any of the industries.