Student Activities

CodeISM, CSES, ACM Student Chapter - ISM Dhanbad


Computer Science and Engineering Society and CodeISM

CSES, along with its children body - CodeISM, organised various coding competitions and workshops.

Quiz Wiz 1.0

The Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES) organized the first edition of its technical quiz, Quiz-Wiz on 4th April, 2014. The Quiz was organized to test the general technical knowledge of the students and as a means to encourage students of different years to interact with each other. Keeping this in mind, it was mandatory for all teams to have four members – one from each year.

The winners were:

  1. Team Do Not Panic
    • Rajat Gupta
    • Abhinav Goyal
    • Yogendra Singh
    • Sakshi Gopal
  2. Team Sparsh
    • Sparsh Choudhary
    • Sajid Hussain
    • Saurav Kothari
    • Aritra Gupta
  3. The Misfits
    • Kriti Singh
    • Ashish Verma
    • Mohit Punjabi
    • Vishesh Srivastava


Coding and Problem solving constitute the core of the Computer Science and Engineering industry. Keeping this in mind, the department has taken Its first step towards developing a sound coding aptitude and a healthy coding culture among the students by establishing a coding club. The club "CodelShr, abiding its motto of knowledge shar-ing. will act as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences on various topics related to coding and problem solving among its members. From time to time, it will also arrange lectures by the best coders of the institute. It will surely bridge the gap between the theo-retical knowledge and its practical application in the in-dustry. Moreover, the club will also promote participation in various nationally and internationally renowned coding competitions.

ACM Student Chapter - ISM, Dhanbad

The ACM ISM Student Chapter was established to address the needs of the ISM Dhanbad computing community. Regular coding competitions and workshops are organised by the chapter to develop healthy competitive environment among the students. The chapter serves as a dynamic hub of activity where all those who are passionate about computing come to meet, interact, and learn from one another. The following competitions were organised by the chapter in the recent times:

Ode de Code 1.0

The event was held on 23rd February, 2014 and saw active participation from the students of all years. Following were the winners:

  • 1st Year B.Tech
    1. Akash Jaywant Rawal
    2. Kumar Gaurav
    3. Varun Arya
  • 2nd Year B.Tech
    1. Majeed Siddiqui
    2. Anant Kumar
    3. Prayank Mathur
  • 3rd Year B.Tech
    1. Anil Bakhla
    2. Gourav Pathak
    3. Karan Khullar
  • 4th Year and 5th Year Combined (B.Tech+Dual Degree)
    • Vaibhav Sethi

Website Designing Competition

The event was held on 31st March, 2014. Following were the winners

  1. Sushil Kumar Kanojia
  2. Nikhil Kumar Arya
  3. Srinivas Devaki & Apoorv Chandra

Ode de Code 1.0

The event was held on 16th August, 2014 and saw active participation from the students of all years. Following were the winners:

  • 2nd Year B.Tech
    1. Rajesh Kumar Sinha
    2. Shubham Agarwal
    3. Shreyas Nimishe
  • 3rd Year B.Tech
    1. Amit Shekhar
    2. Nitesh Kumar Agrawal
    3. Prateek Kumar Nischal
  • 4th Year and 5th Year Combined (B.Tech+Dual Degree)
    • Deep Sakre
    • Anil Bakhla
    • Sumit Saurabh