Welcome to BufferedReader



The first edition of BufferedReader has been a product of hopes, expectations and hard work. Produced under the banner of CSES, the Computer Science & Engineering Society, BufferedReader is aimed at showcasing the past, present and the future of this Department.

There are many people to be thankful of, but foremost is our HoD, Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar. The magazine has been his brainchild. From recruiting us to the editorial team to finding a motive for the magazine to steering us in the right direction, the credit for the existence of BufferedReader goes to him.

We didn’t have much to begin with. Just a publishing date and two very enthusiastic faculty advisors, Dr. Sukomal Pal and Ms. Shweta R. Malwe. Their involvement has been pivotal right from the beginning.

We see this magazine as a source for the freshers to get acquainted with their department. This idea led to the decision of including columns from our alumnus. We have planned to include two articles in every issue of the magazine, picking an older and newer alumnus from our prodigal past. For the current issue, we are honored with the words of Mr. Sakshi Gopal of 2014 batch and Mr. Anurag Anand of 2007 batch. Every issue will see a technical article from one faculty. Prof. Prasanta K. Jana, former HoD, has contributed to this issue.

The magazine further goes on to highlight the departmental news, discussing the recent advancements. In every alternate issue, there will be a column dedicated to the recent graduates and post graduates of the department. This issue contains the memories of our 2014 batch. Besides an insight into the department, the purpose is also to talk about the rumblings of Computer Science, outside ISM. As part of which, we have a column on Tech Milestones discussing major industrial events of past 6 months. Current issue also contains a column on Job Opportunities for CSEians.

Lastly, but not in any way the least, we have our cover story. The maiden issue portrays the story of Department of Computer Science & Engineering at ISM. There couldn't be a better way to begin than to shed light on the immense development that CSE at ISM has witnessed.

Making this magazine has been a proud experience for us. In the issues to come, we hope to involve more technical elements from outside ISM. From the Industrial view of CSE at ISM to exclusive columns by masters of industry, the hope for future is promising.

We take this moment to thank you, our reader, for taking out time for us. We hope you find the magazine informational, educational and a fun read. And we hope you find this piece of labour worth your time and effort. We are grateful to the contributors who decided to share with us their thoughts, arts and writings. The limitation of space didn’t let us include all the articles. BufferedReader counts on all the members of the society to develop it with their contribution, and we look forward to see much more of them in the editions to come.

What it is, is just a beginning of vibrant times to come for this Department. This wheel, that has been set in motion, will never stop, for this path of growth is endless. The end is out of question, and the beginning has happened. We can proudly say that we were there when it begun and it was us who pushed that little red button that read Begin.