Words From Faculty

The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching. Aristotle

The pillars of any department would definitely be its faculties who have not just nurtured and groomed young minds, but have also played a vital role in shaping their futures. The BufferedWriters decided to visit the faculty chambers one fine afternoon to interact with the faculty members and share their experiences with the student community.

For most of our faculties, their experience at ISM has been exhilarating, while for some it is a mixed one. “My hometown is Dhanbad. It’s a little co-incidental how it all fell together, but I am really happy it did. It couldn’t have been a better chance for me to be back to my hometown”, says Chiranjeev Sir. Haider Banka Sir, who is now one amongst the senior most faculties, believes that ISM has a salubrious environment and has stored within itself a lot many opportunities to be explored. “Well for me, certainly, the best day was when I got my job at ISM”, remarks Tarachand Sir. “ISM has provided all of us with an opportunity to grow and develop”, believes Rajendra Sir. “The department is good. In terms of conferences and workshops we’re doing really well”, says Sushila Maheshkar Ma’am who is the first female faculty member of the department. “The first interesting thing was the campus, the two fields seemed very interesting to me”, says Sukomal Pal Sir. “So are you very much into sports, Sir?” we asked to which he smiles and says, “I love sports. The kind of sports infrastructure we have at ISM is certainly commendable”. “Research has been given importance at ISM. And without research an institute is not focussed”, adds Arup Sir. Tanusree Ma’am couldn’t agree more. “Especially for research the environment at ISM is very good”, she says.

“The students at all the levels are good but I like the undergraduates more”, says Rao Sir. “Computer Science students are no doubt the best”, says Ramesh Sir who seems very proud of his students. At the same time he emphasizes that the students should focus on channelizing their thoughts in the right direction. “Students should maintain a decent GPA and take their projects seriously so that they don’t face any difficulty during placements”, asserts Tarachand Sir. P. K. Jana Sir is of the opinion that one faculty should take up only one subject and try to achieve excellence in the same. He is backed by Chiranjeev Sir who believes that teaching more than two subjects dilutes the effort.

It is a lesser known fact amongst the student community that Shweta Ma’am has been a student at ISM before joining the department as a faculty member. “As a student you must have vouched for your friends by faking a proxy. So now when someone does the same in your class, how do you react?” we asked Shweta Ma’am. She smiles. No wait, she laughs and then she says, “I believe that the students need to be warned once before any action is taken against them.”

Well certainly, our faculties are doyens of their respective fields. So the BufferedWriters asked what according to them could be the next big thing in the software industry. "There is a huge scope for inter-disciplinary research, particularly at ISM, given the technical prowess of the Earth Science Departments. This would bring entire ISM under one roof as far as research is concerned”, says Haider Banka Sir. Sachin Tripathi Sir believed that the next emerging area in the IT sector is the development of secure e-commerce applications especially for group-ware communication among heterogeneous devices. “We’re moving towards wearable computing. We have seen Google Glass, Samsung Watch etc. Since things are getting smaller and smaller, the algorithms governing them should be designed in a time and space efficient manner”, adds Sukomal Sir. “Cloud computing would take the responsibility to merge the multi-disciplinary areas of engineering and science”, said Ramesh Sir. “Much research is being done in Big Data and Cloud Imaging. So in next few years, these would definitely boom up”, added Sushila Ma’am. While Tarachand Sir believed that the next big thing in the IT sector would be evolutionary networks, Arup Sir asserted upon the need to secure the internet based applications, specifically, those concerned with e-commerce. “People are moving towards Hadoop. So how the Big Data will be handled in near future will be a topic of important concern”, said Rao Sir.

Much good work has been done in ISM in recent years, but there is always a scope for improvement. When we asked our faculties what changes they would like to bring about in ISM, their responses somewhat overlapped with what the student community cogitates. While some believed that ISM should be an IIT, others highlighted the need to upgrade the infrastructure so as to make ourselves more adept to compete with our counterparts in other good institutions. “As a Computer Science faculty I believe that we should take up the initiative to make ISM a completely Wi-Fi enabled campus”, added one of our faculties. Many faculties appreciated the good work that has been done in the department in recent months. “Infrastructure wise the department has strengthened but now it will be equally important to maintain the standard”, says one of our faculties. Some faculties also highlighted the dire need to upgrade the hostels. They believe that the annual intake has increased drastically in past few years, consequently making it necessary to build more hostels. Biometric attendance system for students is one major change which our faculties would like to see in upcoming years. The class size has increased significantly, making the current system of taking attendance cumbersome and time consuming, they believe. “Facilities like access to Computer Centre and Library should be made available to students round the clock”, added one of our faculties.