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There is surely something peculiar to farewells that any other occasions fail to imitate. It has the pain of separation, along with the splashes of all the gleeful memories of your college life. You anticipate the day eagerly throughout your college days, but the nearer it gets, you want the time to run slow and let you rejoice every moment. The entire world changes forever the morning that follows, as if you were a part of a long dream. You want to live the dream again, but it’s all etched into your memories now, a whole new life being the new reality.

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On the evening of 27th April, the CSE department was all part of this dream lived by our final years in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It was a night when they danced under the stars, they sang in chorus, they laughed and they cried- undeterred by what tomorrow beholds for them.

It all started with the beats of dhol rocking every nook and corner of Sapphire Hostel as the third years left no stone unturned to make the farewell a grand one. The final years were dressed up in traditional Indian clothing as the procession marched the roads of ISM, dancing and matching their steps to the beats of the dhol.Soon enough, the procession reached the Golden Jubilee Lecture Theater (GJLT) after the final years from Ruby Hostel joined midway; awaiting them was a celebration of some sort as they entered a fully packed hall.

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Rishabh Mehta and Rashmi Sinha from B.Tech. second year and Rashmi Priya with Anamika Sood alongside from M.Tech. first year took the onus of anchorship. The formal proceedings commenced with Prof. P.K. Jana, one of the senior most faculty of the department addressing the gathering. As a professor to the batch on three separate occasions, Prof. Jana shared a deep bond with the ongoing batch, the fact which was evident from the emotions which ran through his speech.

The final years in GJLT were immersed in an ocean of nostalgia themselves as professors recalled their own experiences with the class of 2015. It was a pleasant day out for the students as well as the professors outside the confined atmosphere of the classroom as they shared moments they’ll cherish throughout their life. Meanwhile the final years were called up on stage time and again to collect their mementos, a tiny reminder of the days they spent being a student of this institution. The night soon turned into a musical saga with a melodious song by Ronak Baid of B.Tech second year. The office bearers of CSE Society, ACM ISM Dhanbad Chapter, members of Editorial Board and the Alumni Affairs’ team were called in between to be handed over the certificates of appreciation for the all round development the Department has seen in recent past. The musical saga continued with a touch of class by Utsav Kumar and Harendra Khande who produced back to back flute performances as the audience immersed themselves in the sweet symphony.

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The evening soon drifted towards its conclusion with CK Sir, as our Head of Department is lovingly called, taking upon the dais to address the final years for one last time in ISM. Finding it increasingly difficult to jot down all his emotions in the constraints of few pages of his speech, he remarked how proud he felt to have been a professor to the 2015 batch. He was insistent to not call the farewell as ‘Alvida’ but kind of a ‘See You Again’ as parting ways won’t ever break the bonds that had been forged in the college, but only increase the time span between the next meeting. He also invited all those present in the GJLT to attend Confluence-2015, the reunion of department of CSE that took place in Delhi on June 13, 2015. The formal proceedings ended with deliverance of a vote of thanks by Ashay Sinha, Secretary, CSE Society to all those present in GJLT as everyone proceeded to dinner in GJLT Dome.

It’s the time to say goodbye to our final years and letting us cope with their absence, except that, there is one fundamental flaw in saying a goodbye. The flaw of being so incomplete a word when you crave to convey all your emotions in the warmth of the moment. A goodbye may quench the need to have a parting dialogue, but when it comes to conveying the emotions flooding through the heart, it always leaves a big void behind. And when it’s the season of farewells and there is all possible chance to never see the person again in life, goodbye is all but what you sincerely feel.

So here it comes from us -

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“Dear Seniors, wish you all the success in your life. Do spare some moments cherishing the bond we share. We hope our path crosses in some walk of our life.”

Bon Voyage!