In Conversation With Pooja Chopra

Alumni Interview


Be it 5 years back or 50 years, memories of college-time always gives nostalgia if you have enjoyed it. With this feeling Ms. Pooja Chopra of M.Tech Class of 2011, an employee of Oracle-Bangalore who also worked for Samsung R&D had a great conversation with two of the BufferedWriters Lokendra and Sudha Shanker. Here is an extract from the conversation.

Lokendra: Let’s take you back down the memory lane first, how was your life at ISM?

Pooja: ISM was a life changer. It was so much fun and lot of great memories. Ours was a very nice batch. My batch-mates were great. The parties at ‘17 Degrees’ not to forget were astonishing. Basant and Srijan were awesome. Placement time was the very important phase and parties which we had after that were mind blowing, our seniors were very motivating and helpful and teachers were also great. Almost all of us had two jobs. Almost every moment we have cherished!

Sudha: Any special story you would like to share with us?

Pooja:The one worth mentioning is when Samsung was to come the next day of Srijan. And we all were busy dancing and enjoying fully mad at the ground, forgetting that tomorrow is a big day, even then 5 people were selected at that time.

Sudha: Was everyone in your batch that much full of life or was it the confidence, that you guys enjoyed hard even at the time of placements?

Pooja: Everyone was actually good at academics in our batch. And everyone was placed so yes they were confident enough.

Lokendra: You have switched from one giant to another, when and how it’s beneficial for one's professional withal personal life?

Pooja: It depends on the lifestyle you want, your growth and the current condition of the company. You need to do multi-objective optimization of all the aspects (Smiles).Otherwise you may end up with excess of one thing and scarcity of the other.

Sudha: Do Samsung and Oracle share same kind of work-culture or they are different?

Pooja: Coming to Samsung first it provides you with nice pay and perks like free itineraries, good bonus, free food-cabs and all, but has tight working hours. On the other side Oracle gives you good initial hike but what I liked the most is the work-culture there. No one will bind you, one can even work from home, only thing is that you have to do your assigned work timely and no one will bother you.

Lokendra: How good is the decision for a well-established person like you, to go for Ph.D?

Pooja: In case of higher studies no one can guide you better than you, because you only know your priorities and responsibilities the most. It depends, how you see yourself after 10-15 years. You have to decide what are your likes and dislikes, and which field you find more suitable for yourself - corporate, research or management. If I would think for myself, I would rather go for Executive MBA.

Sudha: (Smiles) So you see yourself getting things done instead of doing them?

Pooja: (Laughs) Yes, but everything has many aspects. There you need to take charge of supervision, allocation of right work to right people and getting things done at time.

Lokendra:There have been always a tittle-tattle about relaxation, security etc. in academics over corporate, what you think about it after talking with your friends?

Pooja: Every profession has its pros and cons .Teaching or company it depends on personal choice and motivation. Teaching is not easy as it seems, you have to handle so many things like academics and administration, dealing with students of all kinds and you have to be updated.In corporate you have tough competition; you have to work hard to keep good ratings, be updated with current technology and what your project needs. Working till late in the night at times.

Sudha: What would you like to say to the current students of the department?

Pooja: Keep learning and remain updated with what is actually going around. Live your life to the fullest and leave all your worries. Either you go for higher studies, corporate world or, in Academics be a dedicated and smart worker. Do select the career you wish to pursue and rise in it. Just believe in yourself and you will reach where you want to. Stay focused and be confident. It was great talking to you people, helped me refresh the wonderful memories of ISM.