Interns' Experience


Ayush Agarwal - CouponDunia

[ALT TEXT] Ayush Agarwal in CouponDunia

I was overwhelmed the day I got the confirmation call, I felt that all my hard work and perseverance had finally paid off! But I also realized that it wouldn't be easy and I will have to live up to the standards and expectations of the company, which for sure, wasn’t easy. During the internship I mainly worked on two projects. One of them was post-sales module which is used to verify the coupon validity and other informations periodically for every client. The other was the newsletter generation module developed on PHP/MySQL based portal which automatically generates newsletter based on user preferences. I am proud that i was able to complete it since newsletters is an important part of CouponDunia's marketing and promotion strategy. The best part of my work at CouponDunia was my team. In-spite of being an intern, I was assigned some important projects which was surprising at first. But the level and quality of guidance provided by my teammates and manager was sufficient to ensure that my work was up to the mark. Besides this, being in a team of young individuals, i spent a lot of time together outside of work. Partying with them on the weekends was fun too!.The city i lived in Mumbai was amazing and is known for it's rains - especially during early monsoon. While my friends in Delhi & Bangalore would call me up to ensure I didn't get flooded, it was rather "normal" for Mumbaikars. In-spite of this, Mumbai is a refreshing experience with a lively night life, star studded Bandra/Andheri walks and Juhu-Chaupati's Pav Bhaji! My sincere advice for juniors is that they should enjoy coding. Coding can be really interesting because it isn't just about data structures and algorithms. There's a whole lot of possibilities depending on one’s interests. If you want to learn Data Science, start off with a simple Twitter Sentiment Analysis program in Python. If you want to develop Android apps, work on basic examples on Android Studio. Nothing can make coding more engaging than such real world projects!

Mohit Chawla - Samsung

[ALT TEXT] Mohit Chawla

Frankly speaking, after my internship offer I was a bit intimidated, about the project I would be assigned considering that I am not much into competitive coding. I was assigned a real time project which will mostly be implemented in the upcoming devices of Samsung based on Tizen. Following up on that, my task was to design and implement a mechanism for real-time authentication of devices, be it Smartphone, Smart TV, Galaxy Gear or Smart Refrigerators (maybe in future). The project was based on the concept popularly known as “Internet of Things”. Coming to my manager he was really skilled and a very dedicated person. I got to learn a lot from him, not just technical stuff, but also managerial and corporate stuff. One thing that I am most proud of, regarding the internship, would be working days and nights trying to make something totally new for the world and then converting the idea into code while facing all the challenges to port the code to real devices. Seeing what you worked on for two months finally run on devices is absolutely stupendous. Considering my experience as an intern both in a big company and a startup i would say that you get to learn most depending upon how you take up the task assigned to you. However, I must admit, in a big company, it also depends upon your luck whether you get to debug a code or work on a live project. The city of Bangalore is one of the nicest cities I have been to. Totally loved the weather. Also, visiting some of the tech and entrepreneurial events compelled me to conclude its superiority in comparison to other cities in terms of innovation and a zeal of putting ideas into action. Some of the technologies i got to work with included Tizen, Open-id Connect, Facebook Connect, Google Security Authentication (OAuth) amongst many more.

Naman Taneja - Amazon

[ALT TEXT] Naman Taneja

The day I heard that I was selected for an internship at Amazon I felt upbeat that all my diligent work, which included enhancing my coding abilities persistently and in addition doing admirably in studies, has finally paid off. My real venture in Amazon included dealing with site which was built on Ruby on Rails. As you probably are aware Amazon contains critical information which is downloadable for internal purposes. My task is to review all the operations that were being performed on the arranged data in order to keep anybody from hampering and illicit utilization. My second project included debugging a form implementation. Even though using internal tools of Amazon was bit hard yet I figured out and completed my task. Something else I am pleased with myself is that I was the first individual in my group to have been assigned the project involving DynamoDB. In the wake of executing this project I had composed the documentation for it so that the team can utilize it for future purposes. As for my mentor, he was astoundingly great and accommodating. He constantly encouraged me and personally taught me how to utilize distributed version control system i.e Git and best practises in it. I thought the projects given to me in the internship were bit less challenging, even the managers were troubled to find a suitable task for me after completion of my first task. In future, I want to work on even more challenging ventures. My advice to juniors would be to enhance their skills by working on various self undertaken projects along with coding.

Prayank Mathur - Microsoft

[ALT TEXT] Prayank Mathur

After receiving my internship offer from Microsoft, I was having blended kind of emotions, I was both anxious and amped up for the work. I was determined that whatever is the work I ought to have the capacity to impress my manager and land with a full time offer. Getting a PPO from Microsoft was my primary target. I primarily worked on Android App for Word. My project was to make a tool to centralise the tasks that included internal maintenance and advancement of the app. This tool would allow any member of the team to perform any specific tests on the pool of android devices available and get the report log. As the first component of my project I made an android application that sends to the central server, device parameters like the IP address, battery level, availability, etc. which are required to run the tests. The second component is clearly a server, so I wrote the server code that received the data from the devices and stored it in a database. The last component was user-request tool. Building every component from scratch and seeing them work is a noteworthy achievement for me. I knew that it was a big project and even my mentor was not certain that i would be able to finish it before the end of my internship. I am proud that i was able to complete my project in 40 days and even did some extra things in those 25 days. I am more than glad about the work in Word App group however i am interested in the Operating System of Microsoft - Windows. In my opinion interning at a startup that has a decent work culture and which is growing exponentially is the best thing to do, in light of the fact that you get the chance to take a shot at various technologies, products, APIs and frameworks. My advice to juniors would be that Data Structures and Algorithms are exceptionally essential things and one must be solid in those areas. Furthermore, you ought to have the capacity to implement things that you are taught. Mugging up Geeks for Geeks is not sufficient.

Jitesh Karamchandani - Arista Networks

[ALT TEXT] Jitsh Karamchandani

I was extremely happy and enthusiastic to know the work culture and general life at Arista Networks. To understand about my project you need to know some foundation stuff. As is already known, switches used in data centres have OS that manages all the packets coming to it and forwards them from one port to another. On top of it there might be many processes which have large process address space. All these processes had some memory space that is redundant among them. So my project was to design a data structure to share a given memory region in the physical memory and map it to the virtual address space of the processes that were expected to share it. My undertaking was a touch of battle both for me and my mentor as it was not related to the past work and I am proud that my code is actually going to be live soon and will be shipped to its significant clients. My mentor was truly awesome, he took my journey in an astounding way. He comprehended my level with OS and began with the very nuts and bolts and took me to the task in an extremely well manner and what's more, he would solve all my doubts patiently. Other than my current projects I might want to take a shot at Big Data and High Frequency Trading. Between a startup and a well established firm, I would choose the later one since this kind of a company would usually follow all the software engineering principles which may not be found in a few startups. One thing I really like about Arista is that you have a flat organisation structure. Every other person other than the manager is a Software Engineer rather than SDE1 or SDE2 unlike other firms and the benefit of this is that every person respects other based on his/her work rather than position. My suggestion for students in sophomore year is that they should start with basic coding which includes implementation of all the data structures and algorithms.In pre-final year, they should start participating in coding comptetions. Dynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer and Greedy Algorithms should be paid special heed to. Brushing up OS and Computer Networks (Layer2, Layer3) is additionally essential as far as Arista Networks is concerned.

Rana Amrith Parth - Bentley Systems

[ALT TEXT] Rana Amrith Parth

After clearing the technical round with Bentley Systems I was informed that there will be an HR round so I was eager and, simultaneously, apprehensive about it. After a few questions in the HR round I was certain that I was going to grab the internship. This made me confident and happy. I was sure that my internship would be altogether a great experience for me and it indeed was. I worked on two main projects. I was asked to build a website as a part of my first project for a new product that the Bentley Systems were coming up with, named as “Traffic Manager of India”. The entire project was built in C# with MVC framework. My second project was a research project based on Semantic Web. Where usage of ontology classes was crucial. Inside semantic web I used Hermit API to infer the given ontology. My other project was to convert XML schema which was specifically designed for the organisation into Ontology classes. These are present developing technological advancements and I loved working with them. Other than these I would like to take a shot at data mining and machine learning which are picking up noticeable quality nowadays. Coming to my favourite part of the office I loved the cafeteria. Discussions with my team during lunch breaks was a real fun and I miss playing table tennis with my colleagues. Pune is a fun filled city. My office was located at Magarpatta City also known as the Cyber City of Pune. The entire campus was huge and you could roam around freely at whatever time you wanted to. We explored lot of places in Pune and team outings were paramount. My advice for juniors is that be it small or big, start working on projects and ideas that you find interesting.