The Show Must Go On

The Editorial


The unknown has bestowed upon us, we the insignificant earthlings the invaluable gift of reading and writing. But to channelize the random, chaotic and spontaneous burst of thoughts in the human mind and to pen it down is nothing but beautiful. The true elegance though lies in letting others experience the bliss of understanding and getting inspired by your wonderful ideas and we at BufferedReader are making a humble effort in doing just that. The booklet that you are holding in your hands is the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication, expertise and the copulation of words and art and not to mention the long hours we have put in our productive meetings. We appreciate the effort you are taking to understand the worth of our work. BufferedReader presents you the third edition of its kind!

BufferedReader today is the face of the department of Computer Science & Engineering in ISM, Dhanbad. A significant chunk of the credit goes to our beloved seniors. Everything has a Step 1. You just have to take it. Taking the first step to do anything is nothing short of a monumental task. You have to face the chide and the ridicule of lesser mortal souls and at the same time live with the uncertainty of the success of your endeavour while refraining yourself from ever so slightly believing in their unfortunate musings and mockery. Yes. Our seniors did all of that and look where we have landed. At its genesis, nobody thought that BufferedReader would even be able to ascend the mountain on which it is sitting on top of right now. From the quality of the content to the beauty of its ‘eyegasmic’ portrayal, this magazine has come a long way. The knowledge that we have acquired from our seniors is something that cannot be put a price on. And to be frank, it’s been quite a challenge to bring out the third edition without their help. With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to our seniors and wish them luck for their future endeavors. To get to some place, you have to leave some place and we aren’t selfish enough to not let them go. Are we saddened by their departure? A tad, yes. But we can’t let that overpower us, can we? There is always infinite scope for improvement. The fool didn’t know it was impossible, so he did it they say. We are humble enough to call ourselves fools and are unafraid to achieve the unknown impossibilities in store for us. The show must go on and unfortunately it has to without our seniors.

This edition we introduce you to concept of the Internet of Things or more commonly referred to as IoT. When literally every little thing that you can see or even perceive is connected to a common framework, it goes without saying that you ought to give that article a read. As viruses and bacteria are constantly evolving and developing a strong resistance to all of our pharmaceutical efforts, the HOD of our department introduces an avenue which has a lot of potential, futuristic healthcare.

We hope you like our effort. Happy reading!