Confluence 2016

Alumni Meet of CSE Society, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad


Confluence – 2016, the Annual CSE Alumni meet was organized by the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES) of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, ISM Dhanbad on 11 June 2016 at 7 Biryani’s Hotel, Bengaluru. On behalf of the department, Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar (President of CSES & Head of CSE Department), Dr. Amgoth Tarachand (Faculty In-Charge of CSES & Assistant Professor of CSE Department) and about 35 undergraduate students of the department made their presence during the event. One of the major objectives of the program was to strengthen the Alumni base of the Department and bring them under the umbrella of CSES, as the society firmly believes that the Alumni pay a significant contribution to the Department to fulfill its goals.

The event initiated with the heartfelt words by Ashay Sinha (B.Tech 2016) and Tanishk Kithannae (Dual Degree 2020), who addressed all the attendees with a welcome speech. Later, Mr. Ashay took this opportune moment to elaborate more on the overall evolution of the CSE Society between the years 2014-2016. He also highlighted how immense enthusiasm and active contribution by the alumni leads to the overall growth and development of the department. This was followed by a brief introduction session of the alumni.

The session proceeded with Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, President, Computer Science & Engineering Society and Head of Computer Science & Engineering Department officially welcoming all Alumni to Confluence - 2016. He started by congratulating the Alumni in light of Union Cabinet giving its ex post facto approval to amend the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 for Conversion of Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad to an IIT under the law. He also referred to the alumni as part of an institution which will soon be IIT- a remark that received immense applauds. Dr. Chiranjeev briefed them about the first and second alumni get together that were held at Bengaluru (14 June 2014) and New Delhi (13 June 2015) respectively. Like every Confluence event held previously, Dr. Chiranjeev referred to the alumni as gear of an institution, essential for its progress and evolution.

Dr. Kumar also briefed every alumnus about various whereabouts of the department and where it stands today. In the Academics section of his presentation, he focused on the infrastructural improvements, such as new additions to the department building in the form of labs, class rooms, JRF Hall, Seminar Hall, etc. He revealed how ISM campus is soon going to be 4G Wi-Fi equipped. He also mentioned about the surge in the intake of UG as well as PG students, and the number of Ph.D’s being rewarded by the department every year. Moving on to the activities section, he elaborated more about various initiatives under CSES like CodeISM, Speak-Up, BufferedReader, CodeMarathon, ACM Student Chapter, Hackfest etc. He encouraged the alumni to read the bi-annual magazine of the department, “BufferedReader” to get timely updates about the Department and its activities. During the event, Dr. Chiranjeev also requested the batch of 2008 to continue the trends of organizing the next CodeMarathon- a proposal that the alumni proudly accepted.

Furthermore, Dr. Chiranjeev took this opportunity to discuss about the presence of CSE department at International Level. He informed about the various MoUs/Data Agreement signed by our department with various universities. He made a request to alumni in helping us to establish more contacts with foreign universities and industries. Dr. Chiranjeev also invited the alumni to be a part of the Annual Day of the department that had been scheduled on 27th August of the current academic session. He urged them to take this opportunity to interact as well as motivate the current students.

In the middle of the interaction session, Dr. Chiranjeev talked about the release of a Beta Version of SARC (Student and Alumni Relationship Cell), and encouraged everyone to sign-up in order to help the alumni share their thoughts directly with CSE students at a common platform. A list of members (Lifetime & Annual) of CSE Society was also presented during this session. He urged other alumni to become members of CSE Society and help the department as a member. Following his presentation, Dr. A. Tarachand delivered a brief speech in which he mentioned about the conversion of ISM to IIT and about how ISM fraternity has climbed a tall mountain by efforts of everyone.

Lastly, Dr. Kumar reasserted on the need of strengthening the Alumni base of CSE and their role in shaping the Department. He also ascertained that maintaining such a relationship would foster the growth of everyone - the current and prospective students, the Department, as well as the alumni. He requested the alumni to help in providing the much needed industrial exposure to the students by giving talks on the various technological advancements. On behalf of the students, he also requested the alumni to help in getting more companies in the pool which would help in internships and placement. He also opined that one Alumnus in each company should act as the CSE Ambassador so that they could be the point of contact between the Department and the company. Various suggestions during the event from the alumni side included inviting HRs to Confluence or similar events, launching a technical newsletter with a focus on various trends in the industry, etc. Some of the alumni emphasized on exposing the students to a collaborative project working environment rather than focusing solely on competitive coding skills.

As the event proceeded toward an end, Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar and Dr. A. Tarachand thanked everyone who extended their help and support to make Confluence 2016 a success. He also requested the alumni to contribute in the best possible way to fulfill the objectives of this department for its all-round development. The alumni felt jubilant and heart touched by the event, and opined that such events must continue to be organized in times to come.