From the HOD's Desk

From the Head of the Department's Desk


“Success doesn’t have a conventional way. Have it your own way!”

It gives me immense pleasure to bring forward the unstinted contribution of the Editorial Sodality in the form of our fifth edition of the magazine, BufferedReader. I foresee unlimited opportunities ahead for all those who have been smitten by the charm of a career in technology. This edition of BufferedReader gives a glimpse of the myriad streams of activities being pursued by the CSE Department of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. I hope these peeks into the world of technology at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad are tantalizing enough to draw readers to enter it, become part of it and draw on its wellsprings. The magazine has significantly grown from a toddler to a mature adult in the past two years and I hope it will do well in future. Our main aim is to make the students analyze the narrow gap between being intelligent and being intellectual. So, the purpose of the magazine is to help the students flourish in all possible dimensions and take giant strides for their better future.

The department tries to ensure intellectual, ethical and social development amongst the students. It helps the students to cope up with the post placement dilemma by providing a self sustaining atmosphere. This world is full of obstacles. This magazine gives an insight into the not-so-fascinating world of challenges and enlightens the path to counter the obstacles in the best possible way. This time, our magazine is based on the Project Ara theme that has gained a lot of attention in recent times. Ara is the codename of Google's upcoming modular Android smartphone technology, which is highly customizable according to user's preferences and requirements. This edition of the magazine shares with us the vision of Google, along with it's impact on the industrial trends in times to come. The magazine also provides an insight to the departmental news and also about the recent advancements in the technological arena.

I would now like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the leaders (my faculty colleagues) and the innovators (my students) who graciously and generously provided words of wisdom to share with our readers by working day in and day out. It is my great good fortune to enjoy such incredible support from the Editorial Team.

There’s nothing like the so called “Innovator’s Path” because I am not a believer of the fact that innovation has a convention. We don’t need to follow the exact same route to success. Quite the contrary each of us must have a unique way forward. Yet it is also evident that whatsoever be the path that we are on, most of us will encounter similar challenges. Uniqueness lies in the way we counter the challenges. And maybe that is what this edition is all about- paving a unique way to success! I appreciate honest and frank feedback on the quality and contents of the magazine so that we can improve and reach new heights. Do write to me at

Happy Reading!