For the sake of visualization, wipe your memory off all that you have learned about how Corporate world looks like and the skills you require to get into a good company. Now try and put yourself into the shoes of a curious young mind who is just about to take up Computer Science as their major in college, and is probably daydreaming about it. Now what you presume might depend on what has been fed to you through movies, sitcoms or media of any form, but a common theme would be a dark shade of room, speakers crying out rock music at full capacity, a shabby looking guy/girl sipping their coffee, not caring to move an inch away from the black and green screen in front of them, and practicing what movies call as “Hacking” their way through a secure portal.

Hackfest Hackfest 16

Once you get mature enough, you realize that there is a fine line between what novices term as hacking and what they indeed are. Hacking is essentially devising new ways to solve existing problems and manipulate the natural behavior of a system or a program to pay heed to our needs. In the first ever such an event organized in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, the Computer Science & Engineering Society hosted the annual Hackathon from March 4th to March 6th in the Penmann Auditorium. The fest with the esteemed presence of Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, Head of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Dr. A C S Rao, Assistant Professor(CSE), Dr. Soumen Bag, Assistant Professor (CSE), Dr. Abhishek Singh, Assistant Professor(Applied Mathematics) and Dr. Mritunjay Kr. Singh, Associate Prof. (Applied Mathematics). Addressing to an electric crowd of mostly the first timers to a hackathon, Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar talked about how big a step the event is for upbringing an atmosphere where plenty of students take up product development as their interest and showcase their creative and intellectual prowess, getting all the resources they require to carry out their projects through the event itself.

The fest bore witness to a plenty of intriguing ideas born out of students' creative minds. A total of 43 teams, consisting of 1-5 members each, took part in the mega event that extended over 3 days. The projects ranged from web development, chip testing and geoposition detectors to Virtual Reality and Big Data Clustering. The students ended up surprisingly well despite not getting even a minute of sleep for 2 nights straight as they took the term 'Code and Caffeine' way too literally to work on their projects.

The event was sponsored and judged by a team from Atkins Systems which brought a few projects of their own to see if they can be completed by the willing teams within the time span of the event. Among the projects which stood out were an Obstruction detector for blind people developed by the team Tech.Trust using bluetooth sensors, Disaster Management portal developed by the team DeFaulting which alerted all nearby NGOs of people affected by a disaster and an IC chip tester developed by team TechWizard which displayed configuration and details about IC chips put to test with the device.

On the final day the students presented their ideas among rousing audience and the judges displaying their final product and giving a talk on the same. The presentation was followed by a speech from Dr. Soumen Bag who reiterated how hacking is much more than gaining unauthorised access to systems and products. The speech was followed by an award ceremony by the team of Atkins to the most innovative ideas and girls-only teams to congratulate their efforts. Soon after, the moment everyone anticipated arrived and the top 3 rank holders were announced by Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar which quite fittingly the whole auditorium showed their support to.

In its very first edition, HackfestISM effortlessly bonded with the students, thanks to giving students the liberty to work on their ideas without getting obstructed by financial troubles and getting their time diverted among other activities. The event laid a foundation stone of what may lead to much more enthusiasm among the students to work on their own projects, thereby raising the contribution of ISM in technical research areas. With that, the torch passes to the upcoming batches to not only live up to the expectations that HackfestISM has manifested, but also bring the efforts and innovations a notch higher.


Event Span: 4 Mar, 2016, 10:00 PM IST to 6 Mar, 2016, 11:00 AM IST.
Prizes: Total worth over INR 2,00,000 along with hiring opportunities.


Sumanto Mukherjee: Microsoft specialist in C# , HTML5,CSS3 and JS.
Ayan Choudhury: An open source enthusiast and an Entrepreneur.
Vaishak Shanbhag : Sr. Digital Developer Team Lead in Atkins.

Other attractions:T-shirts, free food and snacks.


First position: Tech.Trust
  • Bharti Lala(E&I)
  • Megha Garg(CSE)

Second Position: DeFaulting

  • Rishabh Thukral (CSE)
  • Shril Bharadwaj (ME)
  • Anirudh Jain (M&C)
  • Nikita Kapoor (M&C)
  • Ajeet Singh (M&C)

Third Position: TechWizard

  • Raj Roushan (CSE)
  • Rajat Gupta (CSE)
  • Praveen Kumar (CSE)
  • Vipul Gupta (ECE)
  • Yash Patidar (E&I)

For more details, you can visit HackerEarth