Till we meet again


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT (ISM), Dhanbad celebrated its Annual Farewell Program for the 2017 batch on May 01, 2017 at GJLT. Excitement gripped the final year students as they prepared to depart from this institute, remembering all the moments that they dearly cherished over the last few years of their life. The onus for organising this event was on the pre-final years.

The festivities began, with the pre-final years greeting their seniors at the gates of Sapphire hostel, bringing along a musical ensemble of ‘dhol’ players. The atmosphere was electric, as the final years exited their hostel decked in traditional attire. The music resounded against the hostel walls as the departing students gathered at the gates. When all the final years arrived, the procession started making its way to GJLT, where the function was to be held, stopping at Rosaline on the way. The students danced with vigour and enthusiasm, trying to match the beats of the ‘dhol’. Thoughts about the future were put on hold, as the final years danced to their hearts’ content. The procession took almost an hour’s time to reach GJLT, where everyone was eagerly awaiting their arrival. As the procession arrived, some enthusiastic teachers joined the revelry. It was a sight to behold.

The event started at 6 PM. The interiors of GJLT were beautifully decorated for the occasion. The hosts for the evening were Ayush Khandelwal and Abhishek Dubey, both third year B.Tech. students and Komal Singh, a first year M.Tech. student. The event started off with a bang as Aishwarya Raimuley enthralled the crowd with her musical performance. The honourable HoD, Prof. P. K. Jana then addressed the gathering and shared his experiences. He then presented the graduating students with mementos so that they could cherish the time that they spent in this institute. This was followed by an impromptu karaoke by Rajesh Kumar Sinha. This saga of beautiful displays continued with Imam Khurshid’s soulful flute performance, and Rakshit Parikh’s power packed song. The highlight of the night was the mimicry event where the juniors tried to enact their seniors, which brought a smile on everyone’s face.

These brilliant performances were punctuated by the distribution of mementos and short speeches by the faculty members. They spoke about their fond memories pertaining to the passing out batch. The students listened intently as they inculcated the wisdom that was being passed down to them. Towards the end, the prizes for ‘Code Marathon’, ‘Quiz Wiz’, and ‘CodeRush’ were distributed. This joyous evening was concluded by an address by Maheswara Reddy, the Secretary of the CSE Society.