From the Editor-in-Chief


Every creation of man has been with the aim of best utilising one entity- time. Over a century ago, when Lady Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage worked on what would be called the first computer, not once would they have imagined that their steps would translate to intergalactic leaps, which humanity has now achieved. Living in an era where time is calculated in nanoseconds, allow us to present a quick overview of this version of BufferedReader.

In this edition, the spotlight is put on the Digital Economy of India, as we explore the rise of inter- net-based startups in our country. It’s nigh impossible to come across a person who isn’t reaping the joys of online shopping, banking, or cashless transactions these days – but it wasn’t always this way! Join us as we try and make sense of how it all came to be the way it is.

The faculty article, written by Dr. Amgoth Tarachand focuses on one of the foremost technological mile- stones of recent times i.e., drones. Be it agriculture, healthcare, disaster relief, weather forecasting, military or remote sensing, drones are revolutionizing the methods of monitoring and surveillance. This article addresses one of the most prevalent questions of our time: will drones actually be able to augment humanity, or are they just another manipulation of technology?

We would like to thank our Head of Department, for his continuous and unending support. We would also like to thank the faculty members of our department, without whose support it would not have been possible to make BufferedReader as successful as it is. After all, as all programmers know, no program is possible with multiple modules!