Student Activities

Student societies keep us more busy than the academics


Computer Science and Engineering Society

CodeMarathon 3.0:

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering in collaboration with the Class of 2008 and CodeISM conducted the third iteration of the annual month long competitive coding competition - Code Marathon. The problem setters for the event were Digvijay Singh, Jayant Sharma, Abhishek Jaiswal and Deepak Kumar. The event comprised of three Divisions - one for the final years, third years and alumni, one for the second years and one for the first years as usual. A large number of students participated from their respective divisions.

The winners were:

Division 1:
1. Ashish Kumar
2. Vaibhav Goyal
3. Rajesh Kumar Sinha

Division 2:
1. Harmandeep Singh Kahlon
2. Anupam Wadhwa
3. Ayush Kumar

Division 3:
1. Ankur Dua
2. Saurav Chirania
3. Srijan Kumar Jaiswal

Quiz-Wiz v4.0:

The Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES) organized the fourth edition of its quizzing event, Quiz-Wiz v4.0 on 4th February, 2017. The quiz was organized to test the technical knowledge of the students and as a means to encourage students of different years to interact with each other. To make things interesting this time around, teams had to create questions on the fly from a newspaper in one of the rounds.

The winners were:

First Position
  • Deepak Bhagat
  • Soham Satyadharma
  • Saurabh Saraswat
  • Mohit Tripathi

Second Position
  • Parichaya Walia
  • Bhargav Parsi
  • Pranav Thombre
  • Rutika Moharir
  • Revats Bhargava

Third Position
  • Anupam Kumar
  • Suraj Kumar Oraon
  • Ritik Kumar Agrahari
  • Aman Raj

ACM IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Student Chapter

Ode De Code 6.0

Ode De Code 6.0, the biannual competitive coding competition conducted by the ACM IIT (ISM) Student Chapter was organized on 10th Feb, 2017. It was divided into three categories: The first division for 3rd and 4th year students, the second for 2nd year students, and the third for 1st years. In the first division, Vaibhav Goyal stood first; while Harmandeep Singh Kahlon and Ankur Dua aced the second and third divisions respectively.

Special Interest Groups

ACM IIT (ISM) Student Chapter decided to raise the bar and take a special interest in the extremely diverse world of Computer Science by setting up four SIGs (Special Interest Groups). SIGs are a cohort of like minded members who wish to work in a particular field, and may discuss, learn, make and break (breaking allowed only for codes). As of yet, our SIGs deal with Mobile App Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, and Cryptography and Cybersecurity. With astounding participation even from our freshers, we seek to expand our niche to be as deep and diverse as possible and impart all the knowledge we can to our members.

T-Shirt Design Contest

We at ACM IIT (ISM) Student Chapter wear our pride on our sleeve. A T-shirt design contest was conducted between 18-23 Mar, 2017 in which members of our chapter could submit their design ideas for a chapter T-shirt. From the myriad of submissions, the one that stole our hearts was Rajat Jain’s, who stood first in the event.

PowerPuff Coders 3.0

While sports may bridge the gap between nations, we believe that code can bridge the gap between the genders, because as they always say, “Anyone can code!”. ACM IIT (ISM) Student Chapter conducted a competitive programming contest exclusively for our female comrades on 3rd April, 2017. In the two categories, Anushka Jaiswal stood first among the UG First year students; while among the remaining UG, PG, and JRFs, Harshita Mrityunjay grabbed the first place.