The editorial to the magazine.


There hasn’t been a greater ordeal for mankind than to withstand the test of time. Countless civilizations, innumerable dynasties & a myriad of mortals have risen to prominence; and then fell prey to the battle yet unconquered. Yet, their legacies have been passed on to us, guised as folklores and tales of their valor. The curious power words possess has left mankind infatuated with them since their inception. Words have always been treated by mankind as a mean to escape to a different world altogether, a world which they can shape as per their fondness. We, at BufferedReader look to recreate the charm possessed by the words; taking the reader through an expedition unfathomed.

This edition of the BufferedReader gives you a short tour of the world of Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks and Deep Learning in particular) – a place which, in our humble opinion, is just as exciting as the exploration of the ‘final frontier’. The plethora of opportunities offered by AI range from the level of really exciting,such as the ability to convert black & white photos to their accurate coloured versions automatically; to the insanely alluring and stimulating idea of creating an artificial human being. Clearly, achieving the latter feat would affect our notions about life and God. As was the case with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, such a scientific breakthrough will not be without it’s fair share of social and cultural controversies. There will also be the question of how the act of creating such a machine will overthrow our species as the de-facto leaders of the planet; and reduce us to mere slaves to their whims, much like the state of every other living creature today.

We have also to thank Dr. Sushila V. Maheshkar for enlightening us with the remarkable work made by researchers in the field of Image Processing in an effort to preserve our historical architectures and sites for our future generations. The current technology has also empowered us to experience sites and monuments which may now be in ruins or are immensely damaged, an idea unfathomed even a couple of decades ago. Apart from our procedural effort of cap- turing every high and nigh in the technological world and the department, we have a special edition of Alumni Pen coming up for our readers, penned down by the man whom we all have to thank for this magazine. Mr. Hind K Geel, batch of 2015 and the very first Editor-in-Chief talks about his experiences as an Alumni of the department, and his journey since then. Team BufferedReader is also thankful to Mr. Ashay Sinha, Batch of 2016 for his constant guidance and support toward the magazine.

The response BufferedReader has re- ceived from the students, and the eager- ness shown by them to be a part of this team, is something that has got us all up on our toes. We are all indebted to our Head of the Department, our teachers, and our beloved seniors for their invaluable guidance.

And that is all from our side. So, dear reader, you may dive into the articles by all means. Happy Reading :)