Concetto, 2016


With utmost enthusiasm and vigor, the students overwhelmingly participated in Concetto 2016, the technical fest of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. The fest was themed ‘Renaissance’, which signified the reviving of learning and culture. The Computer Science and Engineering Department left no stone unturned to satiate the technological hunger that the entire college was craving for. The department conducted two mind boggling events, CodeVenture and CodeO’Riddle, that enthralled the participants and kept them engrossed throughout, in the already event loaded three-day fest. Noticing the magnanimous participation of the first year students, a separate division was created for them in both events to provide equal opportunities to the budding talents.



The very first event, CodeVenture, elevated the standard of competitions in the fest to a whole new level. The competitions were conducted on fully automated, robust and flawless web applications which were developed by the organisers, and were competently constructed to deal with all types of situations. The competition comprised of three rather testing rounds, serving up to the intellectual cravings of the participants. The first round had two parts in which the first part was a tech-quiz, based on a web application to eliminate any discrepancy. The second part was a buzzer round that entranced the crowd greatly

The real fun began in the second round which was a mind baffling coding round. One of the team members from each team was asked to write the code of a program and after just three minutes they were replaced by another team member who did not know anything about the question at all. The other team member had to analyse the previously written code, identify the problem and complete the code all alone. The event adeptly tested the adaptability, proficiency and the coding skills of the participants. The third round was a coding based treasure hunt where teams were given easy problems and their output was the key to the geographical coordinates in the campus, where they could find the answers to the riddles. The event was a grand success and the feedback from the participants was in absolute measure appreciative.

Winners Div 1

Winners Div 2



The second event, CodeO’Riddle, appositely justified its name when it befuddled the participants with its coding questions and riddles. Massive participation was witnessed in this event from all the years, especially the first year. This event assessed one’s faculties for decipherment, adroitness in coding, and deftness in exploring. The event encapsulated six treasure hunts along with multiple coding rounds like Segmentation Fault, Aptitude Test and Competitive Coding. Each team had 3 members, one engaged on the workstation for coding, while others were busy rummaging through the college in an attempt to decipher the riddles, and elicit the solution. Getting the key to any of them promoted the participants to the next round.

The participants found coding snippets quite challenging, however the location riddles were comparatively easy to solve.


Eventually, the event concluded amazingly with delightful feedback from the participants. Winners got a cash prize along with a certificate by Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, Hon’ble HoD of the CSE Department. He greeted heartfelt wishes to winners and motivated students to continue such events every year in Concetto.