What They Said



How was your experience recruiting from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad?

The placement team was very cooperative. The recruitment process was conducted smoothly and we didn’t face any hassles in our time here.

What was your general impression of the candidates?

We were mainly looking at recruiting students possessing a strong foundation in Computer Science. We expected them to possess the skills that would enable them to build up a project from scratch. Keeping these expectations in mind we weren’t too impressed with the candidates here. The few candidates that matched our expectations were selected to join our organization. We encourage the students in the future to fortify their fundamentals, as these are skills which are required in the industry these days.

How is the work culture at Tesco?

Tesco has a fantastic work culture. In today’s world, it is common for people to transition from one company to another after a period of a few years. However our employees after joining do not tend to leave. We have pretty flexible timings, and we always ensure that our employees are happy

Any suggestions you would like to give to the college and to the students?

We would encourage students to work on their knowledge of basic computer science, so that they can tackle our recruitment procedure. Having a strong grasp of the basic concepts of computer science is a policy that we actively advocate. Apart from that we would also request the college to invite us earlier in the placement procedure, so that we can interview and select more students.


How did you find the institute? What was your first impression about the college?

IIT(ISM) has shown significant progress in the last few years. The name ISM leads us to assume that the college is predominant in Earth sciences. However, it’s surprising that today, a large number of alumni of the institute are present at prestigious positions in various companies with 10 to 15 years of experience and they pursued degree in CSE and ECE branches. IIT tag simply enhances the already elite position the institute enjoys in the country.

What qualities do you seek in candidates?

Samsung covers a vast area in technology. As a research institute, we are interested in fields pertaining to Internet of Things, Image Processing, Deep Learning, etc.We would like the candidates to be familiar in these areas. Also the syllabus which is currently followed in the IITs is outdated given the rapid progress in the IT sector. The students themselves must acquire skills from sources other than the curriculum such as online resources like Coursera, eDX, etc.

What roles does Samsung Noida offer to candidates, especially from IIT(ISM)?

Generally there is no discrimination on the basis of college,and all new recruits are given equal opportunities. However, we do give the students from the older IITs good projects, better areas of research, as they are a resource to us. Also, if there is any particular interest of the candidate which was highlighted during the interviews, we do take that into consideration in assigning roles

Any feedback that you would like to provide to us

You need to work hard to justify the IIT tag. Students must not lose the zeal to endeavour and restrict their talent. They should work on their communication skills as those are a must. You cannot present yourselves if you’re not sound in them. You should also conduct mock interviews as they do in other IITs, which would eliminate the nervousness factor.


How did you find the institute?

It’s very good; at par with the other IITs. Everything, from the administration’s support to the provision of necessary facilities was top-drawer. I am very pleased to see that.

What qualities does Arista Networks look for in a prospective candidate?

This is important. First and foremost, they should not only be very skilled at coding; they should also be competent at Data Structures and Algorithms. Additionally, Arista wants the recruits to be capable of designing data structures suitable for any given set of requirements. So the interviewer may present the candidate with a problem statement, and then ask him/her to design a data structure which takes into consideration all the given constraints, complexities, memory requirements, etc. and come up with a production level code of the interface. LRU Cache, heaps, and binary search trees (BSTs) have been asked frequently. Furthermore, providing a correct solution to the problem is not enough; it must necessarily be the most efficient solution available.

Did the candidates meet the expectations?

The candidates appearing for the full-time positions, most of whom had interned at Flipkart last year, met our expectations. They were terrific. Unfortunately, most of the internship candidates were not so good and it seemed like they have just memorised the answers without knowing the fundamentals. So we could not select as many candidates as we aimed to.

Q. Lastly, are you satisfied by the institute’s functioning and support to the overall placement procedure?

Yes, we are very happy with the administration. We were provided with a form to specify all our logistical requirements after which everything was taken care of. The food too was very good. Overall, we are content with the administration on that front.


How did you find the college?

The college, for sure has a different vibe than a few years back. Many changes are noticeable. I’m quite astounded at the development that has occurred since I passed out. From talent to infrastructure and services, everything seems to have taken a turn for the better. These changes have been really pleasing to see.

What does Amazon seek in the students it wants to hire for internships as well as full time hiring?

We don’t expect the candidates to know everything in the interview. We focus more on testing their approach. There have been incidences where the candidate knows the answer, but when asked to write the code he/she commits a common mistake, like omitting the corner test cases. We expect that the candidate should possess adequate aptitude and coding skills. A production level code is required from every candidate, which can handle every test case that we run. In a nutshell, the code has to be flawless.

How many students do you wish to hire for internships and for a full time role?

We don’t have any specific number in mind as such. We’ll hire all those students who clear the bar that we set. For interns, we had two technical rounds plus one coding round and an MCQ round, which were conducted for shortlisting. We look for those candidates who clear the threshold. There have been scenarios where 24 to 26 candidates were selected for the interview, but only 4 or 5 students could make it through the interview round. If we get six or more than six candidates selected in the final round then that campus is extremely good because the numbers haven’t yet gone that high for full time hiring.

How did you like the hospitality service of the college?

The hospitality services that were provided by the college were excellent. All our requirements were fulfilled promptly and we did not face any specific problems in this regard.