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Walmart Labs

I had no idea about CSE when I cleared JEE Advanced. I couldn’t even operate a computer properly. People advised me to opt for Mechanical or Electrical Engineering but by virtue of the rebellious nature I bear, I went for CSE. The aspects that interviewers emphasize the most on is your confidence. Besides this, the interviewers see if you are at par with the current technologies. Your activities in the last two-three years of college ranging from co-curriculars to participation in social activities also help. He/ she also tests you on leadership skills, teamwork skills and so on.

Your ultimate goal fluctuates from time to time. A year ago, it was about getting a good job and now it’s different. As of now, I think after spending some time in the industrial sector, I will be joining the academic field or do some research work.
- Abhishek Tiwari


The DAAD WISE scholarship programme targets Indian students pursuing a degree in the fields of science and engineering who wish to do an internship at a German University. This program is highly competitive and only 150 students are awarded the scholarship from thousands of applicants. My interest in Machine Learning, and my intention of pursuing a research internship abroad this summer prompted me to apply for this program.

The application procedure was through a web portal, and it required several documents, the most important of which is an invitation from a German professor who is willing to guide you during the summer. The search for a professor was a long and arduous one, and it was after sending close to a 100 mails, that I finally got a response. I was interviewed by Dr. Thomas Martinetz, and after we agreed on a particular project I was eventually sent the invitation letter. The process of procuring an invitation letter took close to a month to complete. The remaining procedure was relatively straightforward, it required me to write an SOP, and to upload the relevant documents onto the portal.

The DAAD WISE scholarship will cover all my expenses during my trip to Germany this summer, and will also provide a daily stipend. The duration of this internship is from May to mid-July. I will be working with Dr. Martinetz, at Universitat Lubeck on a project pertaining to “Pattern recognition using deep learning to automate disease diagnosis”.
- Pranav Thombre

Walmart Labs

One should always be able to justify whatever he writes in his resume. One must also have a sound knowledge about the company. GPA only helps you cross the threshold the company sets. Once crossed, it doesn’t really matter.

Projects are important; so important that without them you don’t really have much to talk about. Besides your knowledge and technical skills, soft skills matter a lot. A candidate who can’t make the interviewer understand his ideas is as good as an ineligible candidate.

My summer preparations helped me a lot. I suggest reading up geeksforgeeks to clear the coding and the technical rounds. Each article in geeksforgeeks is important. Guessing never helps.
- Nitin Paliwal

Works Applications

I am a branch changer who wasn’t very interested in CSE in the first year. However, the burgeoning placements in CSE compelled me to switch. I was never very interested in competitive coding. It only helps you clear the coding round. On the other hand, having a good project is an indispensable asset. This is where a summer internship after the third year helps you. It not only gives you a project to talk about, but also teaches you how to work in a professional setup.Having good soft skills is a bonus but in some companies, like Works Applications, they are extremely necessary. It feels really good to be placed in a foreign company, which is quite rare in our college. I want to work in the company for around 3 years and build a career as a software developer. After that, I may go for an MBA and even start my own business.
- Pratik Jain


As far as my love for CSE is concerned, it was the only branch I could relate to. My father is a computer supervisor and that instilled an inborn love for computers and coding.

For cracking the interviews, you have to be knowledgeable. There is no other way. Your knowledge can easily cover your lack of soft skills but your quality really stands out when you ace in them. Usually, there are many interviews for a company and if you are not armed with your project work then there’s a chance of you falling prey to some technical question which could have been avoided had you talked about your project. As of now, I can’t really pinpoint my goal. I might do an MBA or go for higher studies or reach a big post in the company. I am yet to decide.
- Raj Jha


Good salary packages and interest in computers drove me to pursue CSE. For a majority of companies, GPA doesn’t matter much, but for companies such as Arista it is indeed an important factor. Many times, your GPA decides whether you will be selected or not. An HR tries to judge whether you will stay with the company or not. For example, if you have a good GPA, you might want to leave the job and continue with further studies. That’s essentially a loss to them. Secondly, they see if your aims match with the aims of the company. In my experience, the HR interview can be rounded off with projects related discussion alone. The knowledge you have can’t get its full worth if you’re unable to express it.As far as my future plans are concerned, I will pursue an MBA once I’ve worked 2-3 years for the company.
- Rajat Bajaj


The seventeen year old me was fascinated by computers and wanted to explore that field. In the same year, I cleared JEE Advanced. I think that’s the reason I decided to pursue CSE.

A low GPA means it’s difficult to get placed in the initial days of the placement season but that shouldn’t demotivate you. Not all companies look for a high GPA. It’s mostly your talent and presence in the interview that gets you the job. There are sides to an interview other than the technical interrogations. Your personality as a whole is tested there. How you solve day to day problems is also judged. My HR round went for around one and a half hours. One of the questions that the HR asked happened to be a hypothetical situation problem. He asked me what I would do if all my team members left. Such type of questions often form the core of an HR interview. These interviews intend to examine your problem solving skills, without which it’s hard to survive in the company for long.

I believe real life projects grant you more credit than others. I’ve regularly been part of many such projects; one of them being Sadda Campus, a food delivery start-up. Soft skills also form an important part of the interview. One aspect of soft skills that people often ignore are listening skills. I’ve seen cases where the interviewer wouldn’t care to repeat the question once asked. Also, no matter what happens, you must never lose confidence.
- Ronak Baid


My brother, who studied CSE in an NIT, and my parents advised me to change my branch from petroleum engineering to CSE and I haven’t looked back since then. In fact, my brother and I designed the MyCashBack website. GPA plays an important role. In Adobe, GPA was used as a tiebreaker if two students had the same score after the coding round. I believe the project section is the most important part of the resume especially for someone who isn’t very strong in competitive coding. The first interview panel was impressed with my project and based the entire hour long interview on it. Good soft skills certainly help you, but are not mandatory. I want to continue in Adobe for the next 4-5 years. Maybe I will take CAT sometime in the future, and go for an MBA, but as of now, nothing is set in stone.
- Ronit Malhotra


I opted for Information Practices in class 11. The subject interested me, and taking CSE in college was not a difficult choice. Taking part in various coding contests right from the first year certainly helped.

Maintaining a decent, if not exceptional GPA is necessary; as you may not be able to take the coding round otherwise. Projects are significant as they are supposed to be your strong point. Also, it’s a plus to have a project related to something that the company is working on. HRs expect the students to have a genuine interest in the company.

I want to work in the company for the next 4-5 years at least. I am particularly interested in search engines and will try to work in the Bing team sometime in the future.
- Shantanu Mishra