A Red Yellow Green


Every artificial system is designed and developed under the consideration of providing best interface between user and machine. The basic motive of a system is to provide convenience to all users and it doesn’t restrict anyone who is eligible. There are so many systems that require some modification. Our roadway traffic signal system is one of them.

Sometimes the colour blind people are unable to recognize the difference between red and green colour. According to medical science, it doesn’t come under any category of disease or morbidity. It is just inherited from their ancestors.

According to web record, one among twelve men is colour-blind and they are not eligible to drive a vehicle due to incorrect perception of signal colour, but we can’t change the signal colour as it is most appropriate for majority of people. This problem can be resolved by having different shapes of lights for different signals.

While driving a vehicle on a new way the driver needs to worry about traffic signal pole location, which sometimes is covered by trees or hoardings. If driver’s mind is set only on road, it may lead to an accident.

In my point of view, the solution will not come if we use UV and infra red lights as they are not perceived by human eyes. The best way is to remove the red and yellow signals from the pole. Make stripe of red lights and line of yellow lights across the road and leave the green signal as it is.

This will ensure public to stop when ground stripe glows up and will move when pole light glows up. So it becomes colour independent for colour blind persons and can be seen headfirst by novice and unbeknown drivers.