From the HOD's Desk


You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. Albert Einstein

The first edition of BufferedReader was formally released on 30th August, 2014 by our Director, Prof. D. C. Panigrahi during the annual day celebrations of the department. I hope you all have enjoyed reading about the exciting things that have been happening in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The editorial board of the department has learnt the rules of the game by publishing the first edition of BufferedReader. And now it’s time for them to play it better than they did for the first time to ensure that the successful publication of BufferedReader is continued.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has always had students who have actively been following a tradition of creative endeavors amalgamated with a will to strive for perfection, BufferedReader being one of the examples. This magazine clearly demonstrates the initiatives of students, apart from their commitment towards academics, thus enabling the accomplishment of Department’s goal of all-round development of students. The main objective of the Department is to encourage each student to develop as an independent and creative thinker, ensuring their intellectual, ethical, and social development, so that they can cope up with the pressures and demands of today’s competitive market. In today’s era, corporate firms seek only extraordinary talent. Therefore, it is imperative for one to cross the realm of ordinary.

My sincere thanks to all my faculty colleagues and my students who have contributed significantly to the success of the department and also in coming up with the 2nd edition of BufferedReader. I applaud the contributors for their stimulated thoughts and varied hues in articles contributed by them. I am hopeful that this small piece of literary work shall not only develop the taste for reading among students, staffs & faculty members but also instill a sense of belongingness within the department. I believe our BufferedWriters would continue to Buffer the information for the Readers in future as well.

I appreciate honest and frank feedback on the quality and contents of the BufferedReader so that we can improve.

Happy Reading!