Student Activities

CodeISM, CSES, ACM Student Chapter - ISM Dhanbad


Computer Science and Engineering Society and CodeISM

CSES, along with its children body - CodeISM, organised various coding competitions and workshops.

Code Marathon organized by CSES, ISM Dhanbad Code Marathon was the biggest, widest coding competition organized in the history of ISM with prizes worth more than 75000INR won.


For the first time in the history of ISM, a mega coding competition was organized by CSES and CodeISM which saw the participation of around 240 students and sponsorship of more than ₹ 75,000. The event was sponsored by CSE Batch of 2006 and Incresol. The event consisted of a series of coding contests, each contest ran for 2.5 hours with 5 problems to be solved. The rules were same as followed in ACM-ICPC contests. To provide a fair competition, the contest was played in three different divisions. Division-1 consisted of participants from pre-final & final year UG students and PG students. While Division-2 and Division-3 had participants from 2nd year and 1st year B.Tech respectively.

The winners were:

  • Division 1 - Majeed Siddiqui (B.Tech, 2016)
  • Division 2 - Vamsi Krishna (B.Tech, 2017)
  • Division 3 - Aditya Kaushik (B.Tech, 2018)

Quiz Wiz 2.0

The Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES) organized the second edition of its technical quiz, Quiz-Wiz v2.0 on 13th September, 2014. The Quiz was organized to test the general technical knowledge of the students and as a means to encourage students of different years to interact with each other. Keeping this in mind, it was mandatory for all teams to have four members – one from each year. The quiz was conducted with Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar and Mr. Amgoth Tarachand as esteemed guests. Ankit Agarwal (B.Tech, 2016) was the quizmaster of the event along with Rajat Gupta (B.Tech, 2017).

Round 1 consisted of 15 questions and then the next 4 rounds consisted of 5 questions each. The questions included visual puzzles like logos, popular personalities and visual connects. With a blend of interesting rules and a few tricky questions, the teams still managed to score well, with ‘The Misfits’ bagging the top position.

Vasudev Narayanan (B.Tech, 2018) secured first place among the audience, and was awarded a cash reward of ₹ 500.

The winner were:

  1. The Misfits
    • Rishabh Thukral
    • Bhavishya Mathur
    • Ashish Verma
    • Mohit Punjabi
  2. Vanquishers
    • Aditya Pandey
    • Raj Roushan
    • Abhinav Goyal
    • Ashish Bahukhandi
  3. The Misfits
    • Dev Kothari
    • Pratik Jain
    • Shubham Chauhan
    • Saurav Kothari


CodeRush was organized on 2nd of November, 2014 by Computer Science & Engineering Society. Anant Kumar and Nishant Raj (B.Tech, 2016) were the event organizers. The first and second year students competed in first group and the rest of the students inlcuding third final year UG, PG students and research scholars competed in another. The contest lasted for two and a half hours.

  • Group One
    1. Raj
    2. Gautam Kumar
    3. Srinivas Devaki
  • Group Two
    1. Majeed Siddiqui
    2. Naman Taneja
    3. Kumar Shubham

Workshop on Introduction to Coding and Problem Solving

The Computer Science and Engineering Society and CodeISM conducted a workshop on “Introduction to Coding and Problem Solving” exclusively for first year students (B.Tech and Dual Degree) of CSE on January 12th, 2015. The main objective was to make the students aware about basic concepts of programming in C and also to introduce them to basic competitive coding platforms like SPOJ, Codechef, Hacker Rank etc. The workshop was conducted by Naman Taneja, Prayank Mathur, Suraj Singh, Anant Kumar and Nishant Raj of B.Tech, 2015 batch.

ACM Student Chapter - ISM, Dhanbad

Workshop on the “Recent Trends of Information Technology"

The workshop was hosted by Mr. Kushal Banerjee, Senior Developer from TCS. It was a good workshop attended by many students from all the years and departments. This workshop was first of its kind for this session with the primary goal of increasing interaction of the students with the IT industry.

Android Play

Arguably, the most interesting event of ACM-ISM Student Chapter - “Android Play”, which is still in progress, was designed to increase teamwork and to enhance the skill which are required for those working in large projects and to teach Android Development. Only one workshop was conducted for this season and there are more events to come on these lines which will be followed by a hackathon.

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