The Annual Day 2014

of Dept. of CSE, ISM Dhanbad


On the occasion of the Annual Day of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized by the CSE Society (CSES) on 30th August 2014, the audience at the Penman Auditorium were held captivated by an evening coupled with music, drama, dance and many other performances. It was a motivating as well as recreating time for students, staff and faculty members. Prof. D. C. Panigrahi, Director, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad was the Chief Guest of the function. The function began formally with a melodious invocation song. Prof. D.C. Panigrahi along with the office bearers of CSE department proceeded towards lightening the lamp, while the anchors highlighted the significance of initiating a ceremony with lightening the lamp in Indian culture.

Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, Head of the Department of CSE, lighting the lamp.

Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, Head of the Department, CSE and President, CSES delivered the welcoming speech. He extended his words of gratitude to all the hardworking people dedicated to the progress of the department throughout its 17 years of existence. He went on to mention the tremendous amount of revolutionary changes that took place in the department throughout these years. Some of them included: innovations related to teaching, launching of first volume of BufferedReader - the departmental magazine, other initiatives like ACM ISM Student Chapter, CodeISM, etc. that have been progressing at an astounding rate, as well as the hidden extracurricular talents of our own students and staff members.

“If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, don’t drag your feet. Walk with determination, and footprints will be formed on their own.” Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, HoD

Mr. Amgoth Tarachand, Assistant Professor, CSE and Faculty-Advisor, CSES briefed the audience about CSES & its activities. He set light upon its objectives and functionalities and informed the gathering about the Interaction Program with CSE Alumni organized by the society on 14th June 2014 at Bengaluru. He highlighted the overwhelming response received from the alumni on connecting them all to the students through CSES.

Dr. Sukomal Pal, Assistant Professor, CSE and Faculty Sponsor of ACM ISM Student Chapter delivered an introductory speech on the ACM ISM Student Chapter. He discussed the objectives of ACM Student Chapter at ISM with a focus to increase general awareness on computing and establishing a computing culture among ISMites. He gave an account of different activities of the Chapter in this direction by highlighting the events it organised in this calendar year, such as Ode-De-Code 1.0 and 2.0 (coding competition), Web Design Contest, and Technical Workshops etc. for all the students of ISM. He also acknowledged the overwhelming participation of ISM students in the workshop on “Recent Trends in Information Technology” organized in association with TCS, Kolkata.

Annual Day also marked the unveiling of the first volume of the departmental magazine, BufferedReader. The name, coined by the batch of 2014, will always be a souvenir of their journey at ISM. Buffered Reader is an exceptional proof that the literary flame is burning bright within our students. They have proved that the literary prowess can go hand in hand with technical mastery. The first volume of the departmental magazine was released by our Director Principal during the event.

Mr. Aikansh Garg (2011 Batch), an alumnus of our department and currently working at Amazon, Hyderabad, was conferred with the “Alumnus of the Year 2013” Award. This award was constituted by CSE Society to be presented annually to the alumnus with utmost contribution to the overall growth of the Computer Science and Engineering department. While addressing the students, he mentioned 3 key points to success: “Think big”, "Work hard without shortcuts” and “Keep having fun”.

Aikansh Garg Aikansh Garg, B.Tech Batch of 2011, felicitated for his contribution to the growth of the department.

Soon after his speech, a special recognition to SRI, Bengaluru was announced for the year 2013-14. This award was also constituted by CSES to be presented every year to a company that contributed most for the overall growth and development of the students of Computer Science and Engineering department. Though unavailable for the event, they sent their warm regards. The students, who had received PPOs from SRIB, accepted this honor of recognition on their behalf.

SRI-B Special Recognition by CSES at ISM Special Recognition was awarded to SRI-B. Students placed at SRI-B received the honour on their behalf.

The audience were animated as the Director proceeded to deliver his speech. The Penman Hall was filled with motivation and inspiration listening to his words. The entire auditorium echoed with applause, as he quoted examples from the pages of history, from the lives of Copernicus, Louis Braille, and Galileo who- with a lot of hard work and determination, achieved the zenith of success at a very young age in their lives; and encouraged the students to do the same.

Prof. D. C. Panigrahi Director, Prof. D. C. Panigrahi quoted examples from the pages of history and encouraged the students to strive to create one.

The formal session of the CSE day concluded with Mr. Rishabh Kumar, the Secretary of CSES delivering the vote of thanks.

The evening took a musical and artistic turn when the cultural events began, and the auditorium was flooded with voices of cheers and applause for every performance. From the solo dance performance to classical song, to the breaking bone western dance forms; from the mesmerizing musical performances to the short enactment of Life as an Engineer in ISM‟, to the controversial but eye opening mime act on Article 377. The cultural events indeed displayed a wide variety of talents of the young bright brains of the department and the performances were celebrated by presenting awards. Shubham Sharma, Abhishek and Kapil Kumar were respectively awarded for the best solo song, solo dance and instrumental performances. Rituparna Sonowal and Bidangshree Brahma, who set the stage on fire, were awarded for their group dance performance. Yash Goyal was also awarded for his mystifying instrumental song performance. Finally, the day came to an end with the photography sessions of various societies.