The Other Future



Dear Reader,

The fact that you are reading these words is assertion enough that you have spared time off of your busy schedule for the second edition of Department of CSE’s bi-annual magazine - BufferedReader. We are extremely grateful to you for that.

Following up a praised and liked maiden issue was a frightening prospect when we set out to sketch what the second edition would look like. Can we get our readers back for more? Did we pique their interest? Can we better it? Questions bugged us, and answers had to be known. So here we are, trying to conjure up the magic trick once more. The words this time have flown in from all over the globe, a professor from Tunisia, an alumnus from Washington, US. We are bringing you the depths and breadths that our department has aspired to and touched upon.

In ways more than one, this volume is a symbol of progress, growth. Our cover story itself talks about the nature of progress, timeless like an immortal truth, a never-aging beast built of aspirations and ambitions of mankind.

Technology and it’s integration in our lives has been a telling metric of this progress. We have paddled our way through ages, on the ground, on water, in the air, all owed to our majestic little creations - the machines. We have evolved to a time where the days of scholars who would retell the tales of lost past, predict the verses of an unseen future are long gone. Information, a job men spent their troublesome days collecting doesn’t take any of their involvement today. The knowledge which elevated some to the riches of fame is a plethora of feeble electronic signals today.

When progress, the fuel of life, becomes a product of machines, what do we become?

Today, what’s earning a poor man his wage, a machine does for cheaper. What is making decisions of millions could be an efficient artificial intelligence rather than an overpaid brain of a human.

A man without a purpose is a man in dead slumber. The fantasy of an end with no future might remain unfulfilled forever to come, it’s not an apocalyptic tomorrow that we dread. Our legacy is much stronger than that. We shudder at the glimpse of that future where humanity is measured in flesh and blood.

The immortality has always been at cross with peace and merriment. Poets of vibrant and vivid illusions have recited verses of such agony, that every soul will vouch for the bliss of mortality.

Where, then, and what are we headed towards. An unkempt fog, a blinding mist, an unmeasured reach and an unknown destination. Fear is not of perishment of body, it’s that of the soul.

Or maybe, what comes next to the acme of success, as has always, is a fall to put us back at the foot of this mountain. We climb, we fall and we climb again. Maybe, we really are a hamster in a hamster wheel.

But as far as we see, we see light and hope. Engulfing it, as we move, we present to you our department’s recesses in success, in growth and in glory.

Happy Reading!