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Amazon India, the recruiter that hired 6 fts (full-time hires) during this placement season and offered 3 ppos (pre-placement offers) to last year’s interns had some words to say for the current third years and second years to better prepare for firms like themselves and others.

Amazon at ISM Amazon kick-started the placement season with 6 full-time hires and 6 pre-final years recruited for summer internship. They also offered job to 3 of their last-year's interns from the institute.

“I feel the concepts of the students was quite clear but the application to problems was not upto the mark” said Smita, an SDE at Amazon. She continued, “It’s not just about Amazon, but any company visiting would want you to be able to code your ideas out. It is also imperative that you clear your fundamentals up.” Taher Dhinojwala, the HR, joined her in emphasizing the importance of knowing a project through its length and breadth. They reasoned, “Whatever projects that you are doing, it is expected that you understand what the project is about even when your core implementation is only a sub-module. It is imperative that you understand the design choices and technologies used in your project.”

Mr. Taher strongly worded, “It’s not a good sign if you write something in your resume and you don’t know much about it. I suggest if there’s a project listed in your resume and it is something you want to talk about in your interview. Then do make sure to do a good homework on it a couple days in prior. Make sure that your doubts and basics are cleared out. Jolt down what you’ve done, your successes and failures in the project and what you did to circumvent those failures. In short, get the technical know-how. Most importantly, avoid any kind of superficial impression.”

Mr. Aikansh Garg concluded, “Be interactive. It’s very important in an interview. The interviewers are there to help you make your way, not just sit and judge. So make sure you speak your thoughts out. It’ll help both you and your interviewer find a ground of understanding.”

“It’s not a good sign if you write something in your resume and you don’t know much about it.” Taher Dhinojwala


The maiden visit of Adobe India to ISM campus was a welcome sight for the students. The recruiters found six students fitting their criteria of excellence and competence. The technical interviewers and head flew in from the Noida office while the HR, Mr. Abhinav, chugged in from Bengaluru.

Adobe at ISM Adobe India visited ISM campus for the first time and picked 6 students for full-time job offers.

Mr. Vikram Sethi summarised the technical team’s experience, “The basics of the students here are really sharp. We really weren’t hoping, I don’t know why. Maybe because some of the IITs we go to, we find sub-par students than here.” He praised the students, “The praise is earned and it’s not something we are saying for the sake of it. But since this is a comprehensive and honest feedback, there were shortcomings too. The implementation aspect of the students is what we found lacking. The experience of real-life projects go a long way in explaining the why’s and how’s of a technology. And we found a dearth of that in students here. The projects listed in their resume were executed on an outer level.” He proceeded with a couple of suggestions, “The department should, in our opinion, focus a little more on the technical projects it assigns to the students and should follow through them with a certain level of zeal so that even the student would not find it tiring.”

In conclusion, he said “Lastly, I would again like to complement the quality of students here. The fundamentals of their coding were sharp. They surprised us. And also, the hopes initially set high were not lived up to because of the lack of in-depth knowledge.”

“The students surprised us with their sharp basics. In-depth knowledge, however, was the weaker aspect.”