The editorial to the magazine.


Words are nothing but lenses. It is only through words that the deepest intricacies of the human mind can be focused on paper. History stands witness to the enormous power that these ordinary looking blots of ink behold. It is through words that we have given birth to new ideas and philosophies, and through words that we have conveyed as well as received; a myriad of emotions in the best of the ways. This is exactly what we strive to achieve as members of BufferedReader.

The magazine that you are currently holding in your hand is the culmination of the effort, determination, perseverance, and endless dedication of our team. Our never ending sessions and the long hours put in by every member of this team have helped to present to you the same old magazine, but with a brand new face. Presenting BufferedReader, the fourth of its kind. Our team extends gratitude to the readers for making efforts of thoroughly going through every bit and piece of information this magazine has to offer. This magazine is not only an outcome of the role played by the current team, but also owes an enormous debt to the previous contributors without whose help the fourth edition would not have been able to see the light of the day.

The current edition focuses on a topic that is widely expected to revolutionize the way computers are created. “Quantum Computing” is currently the talk of the town, and we at BufferedReader have brought you a deep insight into the topic and also the future aspects of this technology. As Niels Bohr once wisely stated, “If quantum theory hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” It is indeed intriguing to realise how quantum theory adopts a multi-state, bit superposition approach for the purpose of extremely efficient data computation.

We are also grateful to Dr. Haider Banka for giving us a remarkable insight into nature inspired paradigms that are currently trending in the world of computation. The article tells us how solutions to even the most complex computational problems could be found if we dig deeper into exploring nature’s ways of adaptability and problem solving.

Apart from the ritualistic highlights of the Annual Day and Concetto, every edition of BufferedReader has a separate column for the alumni that enlightens us all with their life and professional experiences. This time we are thankful to Mr. Dilip Kumar of 2006 batch and Mr. Rahul Paul of 2015 batch for contributing to this section, and honouring us all with their kind words of wisdom. We also appreciate the efforts of the contributors who decided to share with us their thoughts, arts and writings.

Judging from the drastic advances in the world of innovation, it can be rightly stated that now is the best time to be passionate about technology, and we at BufferedReader want to share this passion with our fellow readers. Two years ago in this very department, a wheel was set to motion by our beloved seniors. And despite the rugged, endless road we know by the name of ‘time’, the wheel is spinning at its full pace. Now, more than ever; we strive to never let it cease.

So hold on to your seat belts readers, and brace yourselves for the roller-coaster reading ride. May the curtains rise, and the drum beats begin.

Happy reading!