The Foreword to the magazine.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar

It gives me immense pleasure to see that the Editorial Board of the Department has come up with the fourth edition of the magazine, BufferedReader. BufferedReader has provided an all new identity to the Department, with the magazine being immensely appreciated throughout the campus. With the changing energy levels of the students, the magazine has gone through a number of fits and starts. Now is the time for the fresh and charismatic souls of 2017 batch to take it to the next level. Efforts like publication of magazine are extremely valuable in enhancing, developing and honing the editorial skills amongst the literary minded students, in addition to playing the role of a mirror to the past and the possible future that holds great importance to them.

Our aim in every edition is to reclaim a little more land, to add something to the extent and solidity of our possessions, featuring amongst the best departments of the institute. Our main aim is to make the students analyze the narrow gap between being intelligent and being intellectual. The Department eyes on all round development of students and tries to ensure intellectual, ethical and social development. The magazine provides an insight to the departmental news and also about the recent advancements in the IT sector.

This time, our magazine has a theme – Minimalism. Minimalism is an art form that characterizes simplicity. Simplicity is nature’s first step, and the last of art. It is through simplicity, I believe, that we achieve greatness. And maybe, that is what this edition is all about – an effort to achieve perfection through simplicity.

The magazine’s primary human resource are my students, in the conceptualization, content development, production and distribution of the magazine. On the other hand, the flawless contribution of the faculty members cannot be neglected. It would be my pleasure to convey gratitude to all my colleagues and students for their immense contribution in the successful compilation of the 4th edition of BufferedReader.

I appreciate honest and frank feedback on the quality and contents of the magazine so that we can improve. Do write to me at .

Happy reading!