In Conversation with Dr. Manoj Mishra


1.What are the most memorable lessons that you have learned throughout the PhD years?

I learned to be realistic, be optimistic and to how to enjoy it. The journey pushed me far beyond my mental limits and then I emerged stronger as a result. These few years have made me wiser, savvier, grittier, focused, creative, expressive, perceptive, more steely and professionally effective than I was as a fresh post-graduate.

2.What would you like to suggest the following PhD students in their different stages?

Dr. Manoj Mishra Dr. Manoj Mishra

Since everyone's PhD experience differs greatly and lessons are from different sources, I believe I should not provide any unsolicited advice to the researchers. However, only to early stage researchers: Choose your coffee mug, Secure your desk and Learn to enjoy your work. Believe me, the coming days are going to be pretty nice for you.

3.PhD students took classes, taught in labs, and did a bunch of other student related activities, besides research. Share your experience in regard of this.

Yes, beside my research works, I was engaged in some classes and laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of teaching-learning process in ISM.

4.Was the tenure of your PhD studies filled with fun?

Yes, the whole tenure was full of fun. All snacks times in college-canteen was fun, late night birthday celebrations in hostel, weekend movies, Srijan, Basant, everything was fun. But most enjoyable fun was coming up with new ideas in your mind, successful experiments, writing programs (as we are code-blooded), editing papers and getting acceptance report of it, when the fun turns into fulfillment.