Mystery of Death

Student Contribution


The mystery of death is so profound that, despite the millennia of religious doctrine, mythology, scientific research, and the many theories and explanations that exist on the subject, people today are more confused than ever about it. Since the time immemorial different mythologies and theologies have explained death in countless ways, ranging from total annihilation to immediate life after death in presence of god or in torment or the most praised “mukti”. Some people believe that there is no such thing like death, but instead a continual rebirth after incarnation. According to some other people, supernatural powers numb our sensibilities after death and makes us invisible. Science defines death as the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

Regardless of a person’s particular perception or some experimental results the fact remains the same death is end of life. Death is a moment before which you can adore, exploit, and decipher this world but the post moment period marks an everlasting inactivity. That one single moment changes the way people think of you, talk about you. That moment erases your physical existence. One transforms into thoughts in that single moment. Death is an inevitable loss to you and your loved ones. It is when you do not get the feeling to feel anything. It is the final goodbye to all the livings and non-livings. Death is hail to all the things and people which this world blessed you or cursed you with. It is when, just your deeds remain.

Have you ever had the feeling when someone gestured you a final AVE? Doesn't you grow goose bumps thinking of loss of everything and everyone whom you know once. Then imagine the pain one has to go through while bidding goodbye to this world with a promise to never return back. How hard would he/she urge to cry when this world ruthlessly says him/her “TIMES UP”.

That moment when the time falls apart, the pain grows like never before, the deadly silence roars in your ears, the luminous darkness gets into your heart, and the wind stops tickling you is death.