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CSE Society

Quiz-Wiz: Computer Science and Engineering Society conducted its quizzing event Quiz-Wiz3.0 for the tech savvy, and the event got better with time. The prelims were exclusive to the first years consisting of 26 questions based on general technical knowledge from which top 4 students were selected for second round. Top three winners of the small quiz event conducted on social media were directly selected for the second round. To improve the interaction among the students, it was mandatory for all teams in second round to have four members – one from each year. The second round consisted of 15 questions and top 5 teams were selected for mains round. The Mains round was further sub-divided into five sections, namely “Video Quiz Round”, “Who am I?”, “Name the company”, “Connect the Dots”, and a “General Round” where each round consisted of 10 questions.The quiz was conducted by Aditya Kaushik, Soham Satyadharma, Dev Kothari,Sai Sumanth,Pranav Thombre, Yash Goel and Chinkal.

Vasudev Narayanan (B.Tech, 2018) secured first place among the audience, and was awarded a cash reward of ₹ 500.

QuizWiz Session

The winner were:

  1. Gangs of Wasseypur
    • Nitin
    • Aditya Rajesh Badol
    • Aman Ranjan Thakur
    • Abhinav Goyal.
  2. Misfits
    • Anupam Wadhwa
    • Rishab Thukral
    • Bhavisya Mathur
    • Ashish Mohan Verma
  3. Knighthood
    • Aarush Juneja
    • Aadil Ahmed
    • Kriti Singh
    • Mohit Chawla

HackFestISM: For the first time in the history of ISM a Hackathon is to be conducted by the Computer Science and Engineering Society.“A hackathon, a hacker neologism, is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming”. It is to be organised by Ankit Ladhania (Final Year, CS), Utsav Kumar (Final Year, CS), Prakhar Rastogi (M&C Super-Final Year), Mayank Yadav (M&C Super-Final Year) and Arvind Raj Purohit (M&C Third Year) from 4 to 6 March, 2016.

In order to give a head start to the students for the hackathon event, three workshops were exclusively conducted for the students of ISM.

  • On 30/1/2016, Saturday a workshop on Introduction to Web Development was conducted by Naman Taneja (Final Year CS).
  • On 31/1/2016, Sunday a workshop on Introduction to Android App Development was conducted by Majeed Siddiqui (Final Year CS).
  • On the same day there was another event on Introduction to Arduino by Trishit Dutt.

RAIT - 2016: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology is decided to be held on March 3-5 2016. This is a huge event for CSE Society with eminent speakers coming for the event and nearly 150 research papers are already submitted for the conference.


SPEAKUP: An initiative of CSE Society to help students get better with communication skills. Every week the session consists of debates, jam sessions, and mock interviews to help them getting acquainted with the state of anxiety and stress of interviews.



Ode-de-code3.0: An Annual coding event of ACM Student Chapter (problem setters to be added)

The Winners were

  • 2nd year - ashverism (Ashish Verma)
  • 3rd year - asvikr (Ashish Kumar)
  • 4th year - na1taneja2821 (Naman Taneja)


Introduction to coding: Workshop on 05/02/2016 especially for first years aimed at helping them to get started with competitive coding and to make them interested in writing basic codes. References and guidance will also be provided.

Demo Coding Event: This is a subsequent meetup of coding workshop decided to be held on 08/02/2016 which offers them some assistance at getting acquainted with online coding environment, and to introduce them to basic competitive coding platforms like SPOJ, Codechef, Hackerrank etc.

Ode-de-Code(4.0): Annual Coding Event of ACM chapter for all its worthy members. For the sake of a fair level of competition, all the students will be divided into 3 Divisions. This will be held on 10/02/2016.

Power Puff Coders: An online coding event for girls to be held on 11/02/2016, aimed at encouraging an equal participation of women in our society.

Introduction to GSoC and open source: A workshop for 2nd and 3rd years to help them get started with Open Source contribution and provide them with a comprehensive outline of Google Summer of Code.

Fun Event: An opportunity for ACM members to come and relax as this event will be full of surprises with lots of fun.