What They Said


Practo, the healthcare software & search company connecting patients and doctors all over, was one of the recruiters this year. On student projects, the HR from Practo emphasised upon the need of projects on which the students work, be diversified. “Most of the students were working on projects related to the MIS. While it is understandable that something as large as MIS requires an adequate number of individuals; the problem lies in the fact that if too many individuals work on the same project, then they tend to stop analysing & understanding what they are doing. They just simply keep on doing the work without gaining any valuable lessons or inferences from it. Instead, they should come up with new projects on their own; based on problems or situations which they face and can come up with solutions to.”

When asked about the importance of internships to get placed, he said, “Having a full-time internship is not a major decisive factor when it comes to calculating the result of the recruitment process at Practo. If you didn't have a summer internship, but are good enough, we will hire you all the same. But the experience certainly comes in handy. “However,” he added, “if you didn't go for an internship but work on your own on a good project, then it is certainly good enough for us. We view the two experiences as equivalent.”

Finally, on whether web development skills were important, he said “Yes, they are. Right now, Practo is focussing mostly on web development. 80% of our work, at present, deals with web development.”. “It all depends upon the requirements of the working environment of the company at the time of recruitment”, he concluded.

Amazon India, which is among the largest e-retailers in India, was one of the copious recruiters at last year's placement sessions. This is what their interviewer had to say: “The students whom we have recruited certainly lived up to our expectations. But we were expecting a much better crowd based on our past experience. Everyone was very good at coding. It seems like all of you have been doing a lot of competitive coding. However, they were not very good with their computer science fundamentals, and real application data structures. When it came to application data structures for enterprise level software building, they were comparably weaker. Simply knowing data structures is not enough; you need to know how to use them to solve problems.” He also added a suggestion for the students, saying, “They can improve on these areas by getting further involved in projects based on problems which they face in their daily life”. “Finally”, he further added, “they also need to further improve on their communication skills. There is still a tinge of nervousness in them, which needs to go.”

Flipkart, the first billion dollar company in Indian e-commerce was one of the very first recruiters that visited ISM. The HR from Flipkart was considerably impressed by ISM students and she stated, “Of the few campuses we went by this year our experience here is great. However we were not very much impressed with the final year students compared to the pre-final year students who seem to be in touch with coding. So there is still lot of scope for everyone to hone their problem solving skills and concentrate more on the basics and those are the things we primarily look in the candidates.” On language preferences and previous experiences she said, “At Flipkart we do not have any preferential language as long as you code and the outcome is acquired. As soon as they join they get to start working on real-time projects in-spite of prevalent thinking of just web improvement. In the end it all depends on the candidate and the domains which interest him.” In the end she commented that there should be a provision of six-month internship program in the curriculum because it gives the organisation more time to analyse the candidates. She asserted that it gave students more time to work on projects which they lack in two-month internship.

Samsung has evolved to be a world-class corporation with business that spans advance technology and develops software for Samsung's Technology Solutions across different products.  It was one of the major recruiters this year. The interviewer said that it was wonderful to be here in ISM for placements and that everything was meticulously planned. Regarding projects, he said “Long term big projects are always better than doing something small as they add value to work. I didn’t see lot of projects in the CVs I received but few of them were definitely interesting.” On previous internship experiences, he commented, “It doesn't hold much value unless you have done something special and depends upon the value of the project. It all depends on how much you have gained from the internship.” Lastly regarding students and specific qualities, they look for in them, he told, “We look for the core computer science knowledge and exceptional problem solving skills. Even though students here have good problem solving skills, what they lack is communication skills. They play a major role while working with the team. The ability to express unambiguously is a major factor in this field.”