Alumni Pen

With Dr. Sudhanshu Jha


Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar Jha is an alumnus of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad and was a research scholar under Prof. P. K. Jana. In an insightful conversation with the editors, he shares his experiences and encounters.

Q1. Sir, how are you doing? Please shed some light on your current way of life

I’m doing great. It’s going well, but there are always better things ahead. That’s how I perceive things in my life. At present, I am working as a faculty member in the Department of Computer Applications, NIT Jamshedpur.

Q2. How was your life in ISM and how has been the journey since?

Wonderful. I visited so many places, met eminent professors and researchers, learned new ideas that helped me a lot. The knowledge and experience I got in the college helped me hone my skills and grow as a good teacher and a better communicator. After completing my course from ISM Dhanbad, I first joined KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, and then moved to NIT Jamshedpur. I learned a lot from almost every colleague of mine. The life I spent in the ISM campus was unforgettable and I can easily cite those days as the happiest days of my life.

Q3. How does it feel being interviewed for the magazine of the department you were an integral part of?

I feel delighted to be interviewed by the magazine team. Being an integral part of the CSE department once, I feel very proud.

Q4. Having spent a big chunk of time in ISM, what do you miss the most?

Freedom! Once you are a part of an organization, your freedom ceases to exist. I always miss those ISM days when ‘I’ was the one who chose the ways to my life.

Q5. What, according to you, should be done for the betterment of the department? Do you find anything which the department lacks or should work on?

Well, the department has changed drastically since I left. The department, though, must try to collaborate with some industries and some top-notch foreign universities to set up specialized labs for innovation and research. It should invite personalities from giant software companies working in the R&D sector to take interactive sessions on current trends in technology.

Q6. How has the education from this institution helped you? Do you have anything to say to the current students?

University education has helped me in every aspect of my life. I learned how to utilize my time, enjoy every moment of life and above all, how to give back to the community for the betterment of the society.

Q7. Is there anything that you wish you had done while in ISM?

While we were at ISM, we did a lot to empower the department, however strong bonding among students (whether they were at UG/PG or Ph.D. level) and faculty members was still a challenge. I feel that we should come together for the betterment of the department by focusing more on collaboration based research, discussion and celebrations as well.

Q8. What would you advice to the current students?

To the young minds, I’d like to pitch: “We always wait for the future to arrive and once it knocks, we miss our past, so utilize every moment in life with strong determination and enthusiasm.”

The past is gone; the future is unpredictable, so all you have is today. I believe that success – whether personal or professional – is generated from three critical building blocks: knowledge, critical thinking, and curiosity. Forget your past, what you are, why you are, your major achievements or mistakes. Today is yours. Live life to its fullest.

Q9. What do you think you can do as an alumnus to help the department and the college? How would you like to contribute if you get a chance?

As an alumnus of the department, I have a strong attachment with the department. Should I get a chance to contribute, I would be at the forefront.

Q10. Please share with us your proudest moments.

Generally, for a research scholar, the proudest moments are getting a fellowship increase, a notice for a presubmission seminar, and above all, the date of the defense viva-voce. However, to me, getting a satisfactory smile on the supervisor’s face off my work is unforgettable. Receiving the final award degree in the Convocation was a cherishing moment too.

Q11. What else would you like to share?

Studying is important, but so are other moments. College life is a bliss. Never turn down a chance to enjoy those days.

Forget your past, what you are, why you are, your major achievements or mistakes. Today is yours. Dr. Sudanshu Jha