Department Highlights



Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar Prof. Chiranjeev Kumar
  • Session’s Best Paper award in the International Conference CEECE – 2017, held at Pataya, Thailand; from 28- 29 December 2017. Received by: Preeti Komal, Kumar Nitesh and Prof. P. K. Jana (HoD CSE).
  • Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar, an Associate Professor of the department, has been promoted to Professor.

New R&D Projects

  • Project under ‘FIST Program 2017’. A grant of Rs. 57 Lacs. has been received from DST.


Dr. Sushila Maheshkar Dr. Sushila Maheshkar
Dr. Sushila Maheshkar, an Assistant Professor of the department, has been one of the major contributors to the department. Her mentorship has brought out the genius within many. We owe her a big ‘thank you’ and wish her the best for her future ventures.


Dr. Ansuman Bhattacharya Dr. Ansuman Bhattacharya
Dr. Ansuman Bhattacharya has joined the Department in 2017 as an Assistant Professor. The department welcomes him to the fraternity .


  • One day workshop on Artificial Intelligence by Intel Nervana AI Academy Bangalore on 6th September, 2017.
  • Amdocs conducted an Open House with the students of all courses on ‘Disruptive innovation in the Telecom and IT Industry’ on 17th January 2018.

Short-Term Courses

  • Coding Theory and Cryptography: Fundamentals and Applications from 13 to 17 December 2017, sponsored by ISEA Project.
  • A week long National Training Program (NTP) on Wireless Sensor Networks from 18 to 22 December 2017, to train the college faculty members in the field of WSN.
  • Security of e-system and Networks from 10 to 14 February 2018, under GIAN Program by Prof. M. Obaidat.

Student Achievements

  • A team comprising of Jayant Sharma (B.Tech. 2018), Harmandeep Singh Kahlon (Dual Degree 2020) and M. Krishna Kumar (ECE B.Tech. 2018) secured ranks 14 and 35 at the Kolkata and Kharagpur ACM ICPC Regionals 2017-18, respectively.
  • Jayant Sharma (B.Tech. 2018): 1) Won iPhone 7 by securing second rank in Goldman Sachs Code Break Contest organised for interns in June 2017 2) Among the top ten national finalists of Amazon Code Wizard Challenge held in March 2017
  • Aditya Kaushik (DD 2019): Finalist of Poetry Slam at Rendezvous 2017, IIT Delhi. He stood 4th on the final tally.
  • Ankesh Raj (DD 2020): Globalink Research Internship 2018, Université Laval - Québec City (Canada)
  • V Prasad Naik (B.Tech. 2020): Inter IIT 400m silver medal. Rajya puraskar in scouts & guides NCC-A (pre-RDC-4)

Ph.D.s Awarded

  • Tapas K. Mishra on “Design of reliable and energy-efficient protocols for ad-hoc networks”
  • Priyanka on “Blind and non-blind watermarking techniques”
  • Sanjaya K. Panda on “Designing Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing”
  • Subhash Chandra on “Off-line and on-line signature verification techniques”
  • Prerna Mohit on “Secure computer communication based on public-key cryptosystem”
  • Abeg Kumar Jaisawal on “Biometric identification using machine learning”
  • Nabajyoti Mazumdar on “Analysis and Development of Fault-Tolerance and Routing Algorithms for WSNs”
  • Naushad Varish on “Content-based Image Retrieval Techniques in Transform Domain”
  • Soumitra Roy on “Irreversible and Reversible Watermarking Schemes of Digital Images”
  • Arijit Karati on “IBE and Multi-Authority ABE with their Challenges, Techniques, and Applications”