The editorial to the magazine


Dear Readers,

Time and tide wait for none. It seems like it was only yesterday that the idea of this magazine was conceived and the first edition was released by the founding members. But the world of technology has evolved since then, and so has our department and my team. I, whose freshman year was spent in the sapient and sagacious mentorship of our founding members, may well feel elated to present to you, BufferedReader, eighth of its name; the bi-annual magazine of the CSE department of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. In a world where time is swift and technology is dynamic, we at BufferedReader strive to realise a moment of appreciation for the efforts that the staff and students of our department make; and to bring out the best of Computer Science through our words. This edition covers the period from September 2017 to February 2018, and we have attempted not to miss any event that occurred during the time.

A lot has changed in the past three and a half years and a lot has already been written and disseminated in the past editions. As editors, we discuss the prospective technologies and dig out a topic that is relevant and intriguing to you, dear Readers. It is a challenging task to come up with untried and pertinent topics; to read, research and render them as full-fledged stories. I am glad to present and co-author the Cover Story to this edition, ‘System-on-Chip’, that discusses at length the growth of the SoC technology, and the rise of the planet of high-speed smartphones.

The modern day smartphones cannot be thought of without the SoC technology that has disrupted the areas of algorithms requiring high speed computing. These algorithms, once infeasible to the computers, can now be computed within a fraction of a second by the mobile devices that fit our pockets. Not only has there been a dramatic decrease in the volume of the system, the functionalities of the average system have also diversified. Features like Iris Scanner, Face Detection, 4K Video Encoder and Biometric Sensors need specially fabricated circuits to carry out the tasks swiftly and unambiguously.

When we talk about technology as students and academicians of Computer Science, we must not limit ourselves to the consumer level only. Unlike the plebeians, we must be curious enough to delve deeper into the facts and features, and realise the intricacies that have resulted into the evolution of that technology. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most trending and researched topics in the industry. The Faculty Article of this edition, ‘Collaborative Artificial Intelligence’ is written by Prof. Ashish Ghosh, from the Machine Intelligence Unit, ISI Kolkata; who is currently part of the department as an adjunct professor. The article offers a refreshing take on AI, wherein humans and AI collaborate and complement each other, to achieve even greater heights of innovation and growth.

Needless to say, this edition would not have come out without the consistent and perspicacious guidance of our Head of Department, Prof. P. K. Jana, and other faculty members. The magazine was turned into print by the tremendous efforts of our diligent design team headed by Raushan Roy. These people have worked assiduously to make the magazine what it is in your hands. The members of Editorial Board are the core and soul of BufferedReader. It is because the untiring efforts of the members that we are able to present to you words from the renowned people and scientists from the industries and institutes. My team and I look forward to receiving any feedback and suggestions that you may want to share at bufferedreader@iitism.ac.in.