Concetto 2018


The Annual Techno-Management Festival of IIT (ISM), Dhanbad,Concetto was held from 12th to 14th January.The forte of this festival lied not only in its spectacular display of technical acumen but also in its wide platform for entrepreneurial undertakings and social initiatives This three-day techno fiesta is one of the largest Techno-management fests in Eastern India, packed with a plethora of technical events - competitions, workshops, guest lectures, paper meet and exhibitions. Contributing to the success of this festival was the Computer Science and Engineering Department. The department managed to carve out a niche for itself in an event packed fest by conducting two intelligently crafted events - Capture the Flag (CTF) and ARTH- which were a resounding success with the participants.

Capture The Flag

[ALT TEXT] Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag was the first of its kind information security event serving up to the intellectual cravings of the participants. The questions for this event included Web Deciphering, Forensics, Cryptography, Spectrogram Analysis and Binary Reversing. Some of the participants were lone wolves who attempted the various challenges by themselves, and the others worked in teams to attempt to score the highest number of points. This event as usual was timed, and the points were totalled once the time expired.

The participants made their adventurous journey through a web environment, finding all the “flags” utilizing the hints laid out in the questions and submitting it to the CTF Server to earn points. They navigated through the question set sequentially, gaining points for every correct flag found. They were allowed any number of attempts for each flag without penalty. Whenever they found themselves stuck, they were allowed to seek a maximum of two hints. All teams fought tooth and nail until the last sand particle trickled down in the hourglass. Eventually, the team which solved the most challenges and thus secured the highest cumulative score won, ending up with prizes, pride and immense joy.

Abhishek Chattopadhyay and Pratyush Kesarwani
Mohit Tripathi, Devesh Anand, Pratyush Mishra, Aditya Sharma, Abhay Gaur, Abhinav Bajpai, Gaurav Arora, Vivek Tiwari, Kamlesh Kumar, Apurv Gaurav Singh & Arnab Ghosh


[ALT TEXT] Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt (ARTH)

The second event organised by the department in this year’s edition of Concetto, ARTH certainly gave CTF a run for its money. The event was based on the concept of integrating Augmented Reality with Treasure Hunt; involving advanced technology in the old game, thus making it cooler. With the peculiarities of the game Pokemon Go which uses the existing environment and creates a virtual world of objects, the Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt event was organized with a participation of over 1100 participants.

The playground defined for the event was the entire college campus. The teams were provided with a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices and their first clue before they set on the journey to glory. They pointed their cameras to the poster in the guessed location. Few of them got it right and, a logical puzzle popped up, solving which would yield the next clue. The others tried their luck with guesses. The answer to the last clue popped up a google form in which they had to fill their team name. As it always happens in this unforgiving world, the first team who accomplished this task was declared the winner.

With utmost enthusiasm and zeal, the participants gallivanted across the whole campus in the hunt for ‘victory’. The event cultivated the spirit of innovation in the consciousness of students and refined the fest distinguishingly.

Dewanshu Haswani and Harsh Goyal
Ashish Kumar Burnwala, Priyanshu Kumar, Aadarsh Singh, Raj Rani, Swarnima Tripathi, Sachin Bhadoria, Kami ni Kumari, SM Khobaib Alam, Rohan Solanki, Saksham Gupta, Pranjal Gupta, Anshu Jalan & Rishabh Gupta

Eventually, the events concluded amazingly with delightful feedback from the participants. Winners received prizes along with a certificate from Prof. Prasanta K. Jana, Hon’ble HoD of the CSE Department. He congratulated the winners and motivated the students to continue with such events every year.