The Annual Day


On the 26th of August, 2017, The Department of Computer Science and Engineering celebrated the fourth edition of Udbhav, its annual day. Udbhav is organised each year with great vigour to celebrate the echelons the department has reached, and also to emphasise on the fact that without a strong sense of belongingness towards the department and without the constant support of the faculty, alumni and students, success is all but wishful thinking. After welcoming the audience gathered in the venue, the dignitaries present were invited upon the stage, and venerated with bouquets. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp, and a beautiful invocation song by the students of the department.

The Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Prof. P. K. Jana was then invited upon the stage to present his welcome address. He addressed the audience regarding how the annual day was introduced for the sole reason of strengthening the bond within the IIT (ISM) CSE family and that this day was not only meant to be a reflection of various events organised by the department but also a platform for the students to showcase their exuberant talents. He further emphasized on the importance of Computer Science and Engineering being a discipline in which professionals and intellectuals from all over the globe put in efforts on a day-to-day basis to continuously align modern society with the future, tackle intellectual challenges and develop ideas. He concluded with talking about the wide range of career opportunities that the courses offer and how CSE has emerged out as one of the most popular fields for the engineering aspirants to pursue their careers in.

[ALT TEXT] Dean (Academic) lighting the lamp.

Keeping in mind the need for the betterment of not only a student’s technical skills but also his/her all round development, the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering organises a myriad of events and also undertakes several initiatives through the means of the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES). To shed more light on the activities of the society, Dr. Amgoth Tarachand, Faculty Advisor (CSES), was invited upon the stage. He edified the audience with the activities of the society, including SpeakUp (an initiative to help students better their soft skills by learning from the seniors who had already been through the rigour of interviews); BufferedReader (the bi-annual departmental magazine which chronicles not just what happens inside the department, but also the latest happenings in the industry); Confluence, the annual student-alumni meet; and Udbhav itself, to name a few.

Accountability is a crucial factor in determining whether an organisation has been responsible in handling their finances. To present the account statement of the expenses of the society, Dr. Arup Kumar Pal, Treasurer (CSES), was invited on the stage.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is one of the largest international societies for computing. Our college too has a student chapter, namely IIT (ISM) Dhanbad ACM Student Chapter. Dr. D. Ramesh, the Faculty Sponsor of the Student Chapter, was called upon the stage to further enlighten the audience regarding the activities of the chapter. He mentioned that the chapter boasts over a thousand members, and has actively carried out activities, such as GOOGOL v2.0 (a national level competitive programming contest), PowerPuff Coders 3.0 (a competitive programming contest exclusively for women), Special Interest Groups, and also non-technical events, such as a T-Shirt Design Contest, and Excelsior, a literary fest.

After the addresses on the various aspects of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the seventh edition of the departmental magazine, BufferedReader v4.1, was launched. BufferedReader, first launched by the batch of 2014, provides an insight into the world of computing, both inside IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, and all that lies beyond. Be it placement statistics, alumni interaction, industry-institute interaction, or an insight into the working of the esoteric world of computing, the BufferedReader team is scrutinizing it all. It is worth mentioning that through the medium of this magazine, programmers are given a platform to write lines in English (other than code), such as poems and short stories.

[ALT TEXT] Launch of BufferedReader

The trees bearing fruit today, were born from the seeds sown eons ago. Alumni are an integral part of any institution; not because they were once a part of the institute, but because they are also a part of the world outside. Every year, CSES awards an alumnus the prestigious ‘Alumnus of the Year’ award, to recognise the efforts of the alumnus who has made significant contribution to the overall growth of the department. This year, Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, a student of the batch of 2008, was felicitated with this prize.

One of the most important facets of a wholesome education includes the manner in which collegiate transactions with companies are executed. Every year, CSES felicitates a company with a ‘Certificate of Recognition’, to acknowledge its contribution towards the overall growth and placement of the students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The certificate of recognition for 2016-17 was awarded to Walmart Labs, for hiring two students for full time roles, and seven students for internships (of which five received pre-placement offers). Mr. Rahul Sridhar (Specialist, Campus Placements), on behalf of Walmart Labs, accepted the certificate from the chief guest. When requested to address the audience, he appreciated the quality of students he interviewed for intern hiring.

As the formal part of the event came to a close, the chief guest of the function, Prof. G. Udaybhanu, Dean (Academics), IIT (ISM), was called upon to address the audience. He was subsequently venerated with a memento by Prof. P. K. Jana, on behalf of CSES. In the consummation of the formal section, Mr. Ayush Khandelwal, Acting Secretary, CSES, delivered the vote of thanks; as he extended his heartfelt thanks to the HoD, the faculty, and especially quoted the efforts of Mr. Maheshwara Reddy and Mr. Dev Kothari. A short recess of fifteen minutes was held, during which the various societies conducted their photo sessions, and the audience helped themselves to the snacks.

With this, the informal session of the event began, as all code and no fun makes both Alice and Bob dull kids. After a sundry of mesmerising performances, ranging from dance and music to stand-up comedy, met with roaring plaudits of the audience, the informal session came to an end. The prize distribution ceremonies came last. The meritorious students of the various events conducted by CSES were given their prizes, followed by those of ACM IIT (ISM) Student Chapter. With this, the event came to a successful and satisfying end.