What They Said




TESCO, the British multinational, came on Day 1 for the campus placements. The HR expressed her deep gratitude towards the college administration for the warm hospitality and management, and promised to come again with a hope to see more diverse candidates. The HR emphasised that GPA was not a big concern and mentioned that though it adds to the value of a candidate, TESCO generally seeks all-rounders. When asked to share a few tips for the future candidates, she remarked that an in-depth knowledge of a specific topic and an interest in the company can go a long way. She also mentioned that it was necessary to have good articulation skills. Regarding the matter of gender ratio, she remarked that they prioritize the student’s talent over their gender but will look forward to a more balanced batch of candidates in the future.


Samsung Samsung

Samsung, the multinational conglomerate, surprised us all yet again this year, by giving away the maximum number of internship offers. The HR seemed particularly happy with the strong coding culture of our college but also advised the candidates to gain prerequisite knowledge about the company for which they are appearing for an interview, as it gives them an added edge. He remarked that the academic grades bear little to no significance if the candidate is able to perform satisfactorily and also encouraged the students to have an in-depth knowledge of whichever field he/she is studying or interested in. He advised the students to take constructive feedback from seniors and alumni, and accordingly select the company, where they think that they can actively contribute. Let us try to follow his guidelines and perform better in the subsequent years.

Sling Media

Sling Media Sling Media

Sling Media was one of the major companies that arrived for recruitment this year. The HR had no complaints with the hospitality and management but humbly requested for a better slot in the upcoming years, as he reminded us that many candidates may be interested in a core development company like them but being allotted a later slot reduces their chances for recruiting the crème de la crème. When asked about the role of GPA, he commented that apart from shortlisting, it didn’t matter much and the main focus lies in evaluating the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills of the candidate. He advised students to pursue projects on current technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and also highlighted the importance of leadership qualities and articulation skills, which we know, definitely adds substance to the portfolio.


WalmartLabs WalmartLabs

The Fortune 1 Company HR seemed quite content with the internship process. He was elated that the earlier batch of interns did exceptionally well and had high hopes from the current one. He also promised to come earlier next year for intern hiring. Since it was one of the later companies, the early birds had got the worms. When asked about the overall performance and the areas that the students could improve upon, he commented that we had done better than IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur, which was really uplifting! He also pointed out that though students here were good at data structures and algorithms, they need to improve their coding skills. He also seemed a bit unhappy with the skewed gender ratio and hoped that it would improve in the upcoming batches. We all hope for the same. He complimented the current batch of interns and said that their willingness to learn and work with their colleagues and seniors would definitely play a major factor in their assessment for PPOs.


Sandvine Sandvine

Sandvine, a networking equipment company, was one of the early recruiters this year. The HR was content with the hospitality provided at IIT (ISM) and was willing to come back again. When asked about the importance of GPA for placements, he remarked that GPA was just a criteria to shortlist candidates in the first round and to resolve ties in the subsequent rounds. He mentioned that extracurricular activities are not an important judging criterion unless they involve anything technical and also emphasised on the importance of communication skills. He noted that the performance of the students from IIT (ISM) was at par with the other IITs but unfortunately, few candidates had a weak foundation and their knowledge in many fields was superficial. We hope that our upcoming batches take his words as a form of constructive criticism and work on it in the future.


Flipkart Flipkart

The HR from Flipkart had a nice experience in our college and thanked the volunteers for the seamless conduct of the entire process. Surprisingly, he was carried away by the beauty of our campus. He was quite impressed with the current batch of interns and remarked that they were really smart. He advised the students to be confident during the interviews and not to feel disheartened on getting rejected; as he was certain that each and every one will ultimately succeed, provided they stay determined and put in continued hard work. When asked about his expectations from an intern, he stated that since internship is a learning phase, the only prerequisite was being enthusiastic and having the willingness to learn.