HackFest '18

IIT (ISM)'s hackathon: Where ideas spring up


The event spanned one and a half day, from 24th March 2018, 12:00 midnight IST to 25th March 2018, 12:00 noon IST. The teams competed for prizes worth over INR 3,00,000 along with internship opportunities.

With an immense opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in creating models which are indeed eye-catching, a 36-hour long hackathon was organized at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad fondly named Hackfest’18. This being the prime event of the college for Computer Science and Information Technology, raised extensive participation from different parts of the country. The battle of codes, without any wind up, prolonged for 36 hours i.e a day and a half without any break. Hosted by the Computer Science and Engineering Society and ACM Student Chapter, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, the event had brought up interesting projects from all the participants who showed up with their talents in the form of technical innovations.

HackFest ’18 was the third iteration of the hackathon since its inception in 2016 and was conducted in the Penman Auditorium in the IIT (ISM) Campus. Equipped with the turmoil of electric cords and young minds each team with their wisdom of thoughts explicitly tried to prove themselves as the best. The ambience in the auditorium was perfectly pitched with the enthusiasm of students, who were attracted by beautiful banners on the walls and appealing Hackfest ’18 T-shirts. Distinguished people from the tech industry, Samsung R&D Institute-Bengaluru, Whiz Mantra, Mozilla and Techfleeters joined the students, consolidated them in making fascinating projects that would bring an impingement in modern society.

Not everyone could qualify for this formidable fixture. A total of hundred and seventy-five teams had registered, of which a hundred and fifty teams were from within the institute IIT (ISM) Dhanbad and the remaining twenty-five were from various institutes across the country. After an explicit assortment of all the participants, only forty-five of them made into the final hackathon.

The inauguration ceremony took place at 7 pm on 23rd March. Prof. G. Udayabhanu,the Dean of Academics was the Chief Guest of the inaugural function. Dr. Tarachand Amgoth delivered the welcome address. Prof. Prasanta K. Jana addressed the gathering, describing the need for such an event. Prof. G. Udayabhanu spoke on the fact that the field of technology is here to stay. Dr. Dharavath Ramesh stressed the importance of technology in today’s world. Mr Azhaan Zahabee, the Student Coordinator, introduced the gathering with the rules and regulations of the event and and wished them luck.

A day before the onset of the Hackathon, Samsung R&D had released its problem statement. Out of forty-five, fifteen teams were shortlisted to work on its problem statement, based on their initial solutions, while the rest continued on with their respective projects. Top three teams of the Samsung challenge were awarded a two-month internship at Samsung R&D, Bengaluru.

Amazon pay coupons worth INR 15,000, 10,000 and 5,000 for first, second and third rank holders respectively, were sponsored by Samsung, VR headsets sponsored by Hackerearth, along with paid licences and credits from Sketch, Temboo, Digital Ocean, Bugsee and Creative Tim were some of the prizes. Stickers and goodies from Mozilla and GitHub were also up for grabs with added incentives like internship opportunities in Whizmantra and Techfleeters and more. Participation in the fest came with perks such as free food, unlimited coffee, intriguing seminars and workshops and an ambience encouraging utmost productivity. With a sea of laptops, electronic modules, a complex network of wires and bobbing heads discussing and writing code for hours without break, the sight was a peek into a future expected to be driven by technology. The projects ranged from fiction-to-reality, android apps to machine learning applications, electronic modules to web development and so on.

The esteemed judges of HackFest ‘18 were Dr. Soumen Bag and Dr. A.C.S. Rao, Assistant Professors from the CSE Department and Dr. Dripto Bakshi, co-founder NEEV, and advisor to Whiz Mantra.

The event also included a workshop conducted by Mozilla at 1:00 pm on 25th March. They showcased their web VR platform, A-Frame. In other events, there was a stand-up comedy act staged by Gaurav Tripathi, a second year ECE student, on the evening of 24th March. After an intense period of 36 hours, in which teams stood true to their fancy names, team BitsPlease emerged as the winner of Hackfest ’18. They came up with a Machine-Learning and Natural Language Processing logic based fake news detector application. The second position was bagged by team Int_Elligence which came up with a Hand Talk Assistive Glove, so the deaf and mute people could communicate with the same ease as the normal people do. tRANNSducers, the team that was positioned third in the hackathon, aimed to build an IRis - IR based Audience Response System.

The event ended with a vote of thanks to all the organisers who worked tirelessly to make the event a reality and stood true to the hopes of the participants. The faculty members, the CSES, and ACM Student Chapter were also thanked for their support and encouragement. In the end, the judges gave the students some guidelines on how to move on and also appreciated their hard work and persistence. The event brought to the fore a series of interesting projects undertaken by groups of undergraduates with little or no help that left everybody impressed. The stature that Hackfest ‘18 manifested was never seen before and raised the bar to a new level.

The winners of HackFest '18 were:

  1. 1st Prize
    • Anirudh Jain
    • Ajeet Singh
    • Shril Kumar
    • Madhavan Venkat

  2. 2nd Prize
    • Ahsas Sood
    • Sarita Kumari
    • Shalini Verma

  3. 3rd Prize
    • Sai Ruthvik
    • Sumanth Kalluri
    • Neelesh Kumar Yadav
    • Nishad Mandlik
    • Ashutosh Raut

The winners of Samsung Challenge were:

  1. 1st Prize
    • Pritam Ghosh
    • Rohit Kumar Ratnesh
    • Sudeep Shivnikar
    • Kushagra Mohan
    • Arnab Ghosh

  2. 2nd Prize
    • Mohit Triphati
    • Aditya Sharma
    • Pratyush Mishra
    • Amandeep Singh
    • Abhay Gaur

  3. 3rd Prize
    • Harmandeep Singh Kahlon
    • Prabodh Triphati
    • Vaasudev Narayanan
    • Rutika Moharir
    • Puja Kumari