Interns' Experience

The summer well spent


Apurva Gaurav Singh - Amazon

Amazon is an amazing place to start one’s career at. At Amazon, interns are treated at par with SDEs. Most of the interns get projects that go into production within a very short period of time. For internships, Amazon tests students on their knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms. GPA is only required as a cut-off for appearing in the coding rounds. During my internship, my projects were based on Node.js and React.js, which were completely new to me. The only hurdle was getting accustomed to the coding practices in these frameworks. I learnt how Amazon operates on such a large scale, and how to write meaningful code for a software company.

For converting an internship to a pre-placement offer at Amazon, one needs to complete his tasks and show leadership principles through the tasks. Manager and Mentor reviews are important in the conversion process.

All in all, Amazon is moving at a very fast pace. There is a huge learning curve. You get to interact a lot with bright-minded people and learn new stuff. Moreover, my projects were customer facing and it was a great feeling that the work I did as an intern had a meaningful impact.

Aditya Pandey - Morgan Stanley

I bagged my internship at Morgan Stanley through Codeathon, an online coding round in which top 200 students get a chance to be interviewed. There were 2 rounds of interviews in total , one purely technical and other HR plus technical. Morgan Stanley is a great place to work in. It has a very open work culture and values diversity. The work-life balance at Morgan Stanley is simply great. Employees are not bound to a 9 to 5 job - they just have to complete their projects before the deadline and thus manage their time accordingly.

Morgan Stanley focuses a lot on training so that you can upgrade yours skills. In my case it included brushing up my data structure, algorithms and Machine Learning concepts. As for bagging a PPO, mentor’s feedback is what matters the most. I also had a technical interview and your performance in that also carries a certain weightage. As an intern, I learned the importance of networking. I have build acquaintances, who I turn to when I have questions regarding my desired career path and work. Along with that, this internship gave me an insight into professional life, taught me to be humble and most importantly be passionate about my work.

Pranav Dixit - Microsoft

My project at Microsoft focused on securing big corporates and enterprises from large-scale DDoS attacks. Achieving scalability while implementing an enterprise-level project from scratch was a key learning point for me. There were no prerequisites for the project - you could still manage things well without knowing a thing about C#, or even development in general for that matter. The work culture at Microsoft is amazing; there were no fixed timings - you could come and go as you please, as long as you met the deadlines. Asking questions is encouraged, but don’t expect to be spoon-fed.To those aspiring for an internship at Microsoft, I’d recommend focusing on fundamentals and having a solid grip on Data structures and Algorithms. Try to avoid mugging up GeeksForGeeks. Start from a brute-force solution and then improve the solution step-by-step, writing clear code at each step. Personal projects are a big thumbs-up, they really speak about your passion. Their size or utility doesn’t matter, but don’t just stick to mainstream topics. GPA doesn’t matter significantly in interviews for most companies (it does for eligibility), but having a decent one surely is an added advantage.

Pulkit Singhal - Walmart Labs

The selection procedure for Walmart consisted of a coding-cum-MCQ round followed by an HR interview. I was asked about the reason for my inconsistent GPA, but after a satisfactory explanation it didn’t play much of a role. I worked on two projects, one related to Machine Learning, and another to design a productivity improvement utility. The major difficulty that I faced during my internship was adapting to the coding style of the company. Making my Proof-of-Concept scalable was also a major hurdle. The work environment at Walmart is very encouraging and fun – It’s like a mini-hackathon every day. It’s important to keep your team in the loop while working on your project. Ask questions regarding your approaches and discuss ideas with the team. Work aside, one important thing I learned was how to pick music to work to. For me, video game music worked perfectly! I would advise my juniors to work on good projects. You should also be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the interviewer clearly. Rather than mugging up the best approach, try to come up with multiple solutions to a particular problem. Improve your problem-solving skills and thinking.

Rajat Chaurasia - Arista Networks

Arista Networks is one of the best companies to start your career at. The company gives a plethora of learning opportunities and helps in overall career development. For getting an internship, you need to have a good knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms and Computer Networks, along with a good grasp over C language and Linux. Also, a decent GPA is a must for clearing the initial cut-off. During the internship, I had to get acquainted with the development infrastructure of the company. The project required the knowledge of several topics which were new to me. I used to clear my doubts from my mentor who was really helpful. Arista also provides a healthy work-life balance. The focus is on the quality of work and not the deadline. From designing a problem to writing well-documented codes - I learnt a lot. As far as PPO is concerned, you should put your best effort to complete the work assigned and try exploring few things beyond the project, because mentor review is the deciding factor for getting an offer. Arista is evolving each day which is visible in their work culture and has great scope for freshers if they enjoy learning new things.

Mayank Bajpai - Samsung

Samsung is a great place to intern. The domain of work and the variety of projects offered by the company is huge. The project I was given to work upon was completely new to me. My mentor and his teammates were extremely helpful and helped me a lot in learning the stuff. As far as work life is concerned, Samsung has a 45 hour per week policy which one can complete according to his convenience. Though the overall work environment is pretty flexible, the hecticness of the work depends upon the team to which you are allotted. There is no work from home policy, so once you get home you can relax completely. During the course of the internship, Samsung conducted a coding test followed by technical and HR interviews and a project presentation. The cumulative performance in all the rounds is considered for giving out the final offer.The research profile was only open to people having GPA greater than 8.5. But it ultimately comes down to your technical skills and hard work. Samsung has a great research and development. I learnt a lot in these two months and I wish all the very best to the future aspirants.