Student Activities

Student societies keep us more busy than the academics



Code Marathon

The fourth edition of the annual month-long competitive programming competition Code Marathon was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in collaboration with the Class of 2009 and CodeISM. Staying true to the format of previous years, the event consisted of three divisions - one each for the first and second years, and one for the third and final years. However, for the first time since its inception, the event consisted of three rounds instead of four – the last one being a “Mega Round” of 6 hours with IOI rules. The participation recorded this year was greater than ever before, as participants contended in nail-biting competition to win the race to the top. The problem setters for the competition were Anupam Wadhwa, Ayush Kumar, Harmandeep Singh Kahlon and Shivam Jindal.


  • Division 1
    • Jayant Sharma
    • Ajit Kishor
    • Kushagra Mohan
  • Division 2
    • Ankur Dua
    • Vibhor Shukla
    • Srijan Jaiswal
  • Division 3
    • Pawan Mohan Dogra
    • Rachit Mishra
    • Apurv Mayank

The alumni cannot be thanked enough for their contribution. The event lived upto to its expectations and raised the bar even higher.


QuizWiz v5.0, the fifth iteration of the annual quizzing event organized by the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES), was held on 10th February, 2018. The event lived up to its expectations, giving tech-savvy students an opportunity to showcase their skills. Each team consisted of 4 participants - one from each year for the UG teams, and two from each year of M.Tech. For the PG teams, a wildcard entry round was conducted online for first-year students in the days leading to the main event. Participants were kept on their toes with a variety of rounds, including one where teams had to create questions from a newspaper for other teams to find the answers to.


  • First Position
    • Soham Satyadharma
    • Abhishek Chattopadhyay
    • Pratyush Mishra
    • Ray Apoorva Nath
  • Second Position
    • Azhaan Zahabee
    • Monosij Ghosh
    • Nasir Sayyed
    • Vikram Kirti Lilhore
  • Third Position: Team 1
    • Rajat Jain
    • Pranav Dixit
    • Pranjal Gupta
    • Tushar Mittal
  • Third Position: Team 2
    • Aadhil Ahmed
    • Mohak Maheshwari
    • Vaibhav Mittal
    • Tarun Lalchandani
  • Audience Round Winner
    • Aditya Sharma

BufferedReader v4.2 Quiz

In the last edition of Buffered Reader, we had asked a few questions wherein students had to decipher some encrypted lines of texts and send the answers to us. We had promised exciting prizes to the ones who would be able to successfully decipher the maximum number of lines in minimum time.Following is the list of people who sent the winning entries:


  • Third Year
    • Aadarsh Singh
    • Saurav Chirania
    • Aditya Kumaran
  • Final Year
    • Sai Krishna Chowrigari
    • B. Guna Shekhar
    • Tanishk Kithannae
  • Batch 2018
    • Ayush Bhatia
    • Aman Chaudhary
    • Aadil Ahmed

    ACM Student Chapter, IIT (ISM), Dhanbad

    PowerPuff Coders

    PowerPuff Coders is an online coding competition held exclusively for girls. It aims at encouraging coding spirit among the female demographic. ACM Student Chapter IIT(ISM) Dhanbad conducted the second revision on 28th April 2018, on the HackerRank platform. The event was put in 2 divisions: Division 1 consisted of 2nd year ,3rd year, final year UG students, MTech, JRFs and Alumni while Division 2 consisted of 1st year UG students. The contest began at 10:30 PM and lasted for 2 hours. It saw a total of 39 participations. Prizes worth Rs.7000 were awarded to the winners. The rank holders are as follows:


    • Division 1
      • Dola Sinha
      • Yukta Bajaj
      • Harshita Mritunjay
    • Division 2
      • Anjali Rani
      • Soumya Pal
      • Saloni Mohta